Lord Green man and Lady May

Beltane, May Day and Walpurgis Spring Festivals

By Nifty Buckles | Nifty Buckles | 1 May 2021


The German festival of Walpurgisnacht, is April 30th similar to the UK Walpurgis or Beltane which runs from April 30th to May 3rd.

It is also known as Lady Day or May Day in Germany.

Walpurgis night 2018 photo credited to Karina Hessland


 In the UK neo -pagans celebrate the Green Man festival which is mainly a foliage fertility celebration honoring our ancestors, the close of winter embracing the blossom of Spring. Many young women dance or skip around the May Pole an old fertility symbol of Spring.

Women dance around the May Pole an old Spring tradition.


The powers of elves and the Fae grow and reach their peak at the Summer Solstice.

image in public domain


Folklore tells us It is a time of enchantment and magical renewal. Beltane is a great time for planting gardens especially herbs and casting spells.

In Scandinavia, pagans play out mock battles between Winter and Summer.

Beltane is a time for Community Bonfires.
Tradition teaches us that sacred woods are kindled by spark from flint. The Irish Gaelic, Beltane Fire is called ‘teine eigin’ or fire from rubbing sticks together.

photo by Sanjan Pensebee


Neo-pagans may jump over the Beltane Fire, swoosh through it, or do a clockwise dance around the bonfire.
There is drumming that compliments the dancers.
If you live in the country gather your kin and have a bonfire that you can contain in areas like a beach on sand.
Keep children out of the way so no injuries happen. Remember Safety first and enjoy Beltane.

Welcome Spring! Welcome Lady May! Welcome Green Man!

Beltane image of the Lord and Lady by Julia Jeffrey



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*Featured Illustration: Walpurgisnaght by Swiss artist Albert Welti 1897 (Public Domain)

Other images in public Domain.

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