What should you invest in, and what should you never invest in? (Most profitable investments)

What should you invest in, and what should you never invest in? (Most profitable investments)

By Nielsb | nielsb | 7 Apr 2020

Investing, nowadays you can invest in basically everything and especially with cryptocurrency, so what should you invest in and what should you not invest in? I'll show you what I personally invest in & recommend and what I don't recommend.


Cloud mining? (Spoiler: The answer is no.)

Should you invest in cloud mining? If the year right now is 2013-2015 then yes, if not then no.
Mining itself is hardly profitable so how can companies provide you with profits when they barely make any?
Most cloud minings by itself aren't even really mining but just a part of a ponzi scheme, so you can break even or even make a profit but it's not something I would recommend investing in.

There are obviously some real cloud mining companies out there and if you wish to invest in a couple i'll name a few below.

Genesis Mining - as of 2020, not profitable.

Hashflare - as of 2020, all out of stock & not profitable.

Besides these 2, which I've both used in the past, I wouldn't trust any other company nor would I use these nowadays as I have explained above.


Cryptocurrency lending?

Yes! Lending your bitcoin is a great way to make a reasonable profit on your investment, just make sure you are doing it with a legitimate lending site and not some random site because most of them aren't legit & you'll never see a penny of your hard earned money.

Here are a few legit lending sites:

Nexo - One of the most popular lending sites there are & with their 100% asset back guarantee no chance to lose your money! And with their 8% yearly interest its definitely better than a traditional bank.

YouHodler - Probrably the fastest growing lending site at this moment, with their yearly interest (APR) ranging between 3-12% obviously better than a traditional bank again & a great lending site I hope to see more of in 2020.

Blockfi - Has been around since late 2017 (as I could find) and it's one of the most trusted lending sites out there, rates vary between 3.2 up to 8.6% yearly and again has good rates and a very good trust around its brand.


Depending on which currency you are going to lend I'd pick between all 3 I stated above because they all have advantages over each other on some cryptocoins or fiat based currencies.


HYIP Investing?

Yes and no, this is a very profitable way to make money and if you know how to invest in these programs it's by far the most profitable out there, but most people don't so I'll tell you some do's and dont's.


1. Join as soon as programs start, they pay anywhere from 10 days up to a couple of years so being an early bird is crucial. I personally like to invest and when I've doubled my profit I take out the original investment from then on out I keep reinvesting the same amount and withdraw my profits daily.

2. Never join long term investment sites, when your stuck to it for example for 3 months, they might not even pay anymore when your contract finishes, so make sure there's a maximum of 7 days till your investment is returned / finished.

3. Use HYIP monitor sites, there's tons out there and some even offer insurance programs so you don't have a high risk of losing at least all of your investment, they offer this because they earn from your referral sign up and usually put all of those earnings in to the insurance program.
(My personal favorite hyip monitor site: Invest-Tracing their site is easy to use and very easy to find everything you need to know about all programs, a lot of details & for most programs daily payout monitoring)

4. Look if the site looks professional, if they put months of work into creating the site they are probrably not going to dump the project after a couple of days/weeks for a small profit for themselves.



1. Don't ever ever ever put all your eggs in one basket, so don't invest all your money in 1 program, spread it over multiple. I like to look for programs with a minimum deposit of $10-20 and let's say you've got $100 then spread that over 5-10 programs. This way you never lose all your money and may some of the programs go scam during your investment period then you've still made a profit/broken even because of the other programs.

2. Don't get attached to a program, when you really like what they're doing and they seem like the perfect site, don't invest more or reinvest all of your investment. They all go scam one day and when you get attached you'll lose all of your money on that website because you don't want to believe it's a scam. I've recently had this I kept reinvesting and I already had made back my original deposit and had I been making daily withdrawals as I always do I would've made a solid $150 profit on this website, but they stopped paying and I only made about $30, still not bad though I guess but it sucks I didn't get out what I could've gotten out of the program.

3. "Hourly profit programs" these you should never/barely ever invest in, if they are paying you 1% hourly then sure give it a shot but first make sure they aren't an old website or scam already, but if they are paying you 15% hourly for 10 hours, don't. Even if they are paying according to monitors I've seen any of these sites hold up for longer then a day or 2, just don't do it you'll most likely lose all your money.


POS Coins?

YES, this is probably my favorite type of investing to create a passive income, I love the whole concept behind staking and its overall a great investment.

I don't have much to say about this since it's all pretty much straight forward if you know what POS coins are.
Here is a link to my first article and it's about my favorite ways to build a passive income with cryptocurrency, I listed some of my favorite POS coins on there and what staking pool I personally use for staking: Article about POS & passive income


Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency trading?

This again is a yes and no for me, if you are hoping to see a coin go up in price and just stick to that for a while sure give it a shot, why not?
But actually day to day trading with cryptocurrency with no experience, then no. I personally don't have much trading experience and don't do this as a personal investment (yet) because I don't want to get in to a type of investment I know nothing about.


This my personal list of investments which I would/would not recommend and I hope I helped you out with this and maybe even taught you something you didn't know yet :)

If you have any questions about a certain investment or opinion from me, just leave a reply and I'll help you as soon as possible!

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Hi, I'm Niels. I am just an average crypto enthusiast trying to help people with my knowledge, hopefully you'll enjoy it :)

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