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Hello, how are you today? Many of us a few months ago entered an airdrop of the Coinsbit exchange of cng tokens. These tokens were advertised at a price of 30,000 tokens at $ 300 and boy were they wrong. Today the prices of the cng token are on the floor, it barely reaches 2 satoshis of ethereum each token.






But what happened? Very simple, they launched the airdrop long before the casino opened its doors (a way of saying since the casino is virtual), so the participants did not have any kind of motivation to save those tokens and went out to sell them en masse, so the price fell in an hour and could never be raised again.

Faced with this situation, the managers of coinsbit were ignorant and blamed the bad planning on the people of cng casino, but in reality no coinsbit airdrop works and in a few days the tokens totally lose their value, but hey, that's for another post .

Well let's talk about the casino, did it open its doors? Yes, in the month of October the casino went online and with this all of us who kept the tokens hoping that their price would go up had 2 options, 1-play the tokens on the platform, or 2-save the tokens and wait for raise your price.

And here new problems arose because the games are not what one expected (not to say that they are very bad) and do not attract the player to bet their tokens, and on the other hand, although there began to be exchange volume in coinsbit of these tokens they did not raise their price and are still on the floor.

Then what do we do? The logical thing is to wait for them to go up a little more and sell them, the idea of ​​the casino is good but its implementation is very bad, today there are many online casinos with games and platforms much better than that of cng casino, I think it is a matter pending for casino people to improve the interface and especially the games to make them interesting for bettors.

If you are one of those who still have their tokens saved, I recommend you save them and put them to staking in coinsbit because the truth to bet them is not worth it. I have them saved and I expect a change in the platform and an increase in the price.

I hope it has been very until this report about cng casino tokens since many people do not know what happens, thank you very much for reading the entire post and see you next time, greetings.

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