The BEST time to take INL and profit from a stacking
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The BEST time to take INL and profit from a stacking

By Nicos | nicos | 5 May 2020

One of the easiest ways to generate passive income is by using the great opportunity to simply hold crypto assets and get interest on their value.

Among all others, the INL coin, which is part of the ecosystem of a crowdfunding real estate investment company, has appeared.

Here's what I mean.

The minimum amount for staking is 1000, which with today's (05/05/2020) value of the coin $ 0.0016 or 0.00000018 BTC is one coffee, you can get about 4.6% monthly, and the yield can increase if you buy more large quantities - 5.6%, 6.4%, etc.



You can currently get the coin from the following locations:
        1. Directly through the internal exchanger on the official website of the company after you register (ref. link). It may take a few minutes. Then you need to drop them off for stacking.




       2. Through the P2PB2B exchanger, (if you don't have an account - ref. link), then you need to insert them into the wallet in your account and place it on a stacking.



top up

        3. The third option is to get INL as a bonus when you purchase any of the company participation plans.



I will not give more details here because I want to look only at the INL coin stacking in this post.

As I wrote this article, the price of the coin went up to $ 0.00203.


All links are referrals and you will support my creative efforts if you register through them.


Expect my next passive income posts with or without investment.

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