The road to Riches Chapter 2: Crypto investment

By Mabla | nick07 | 21 Jun 2020

Who doesn’t like to make money? I guess no one, in this Era we are living in today there is so much you can do to make money on. Life is full of options and you have to make a choice, you can either choose from, crypto investment, affiliate marketing, or financial markets.

In my previous article from yesterday by the name “Publish0x: The Road to riches” I wrote about how to become a good writer and earn money through publishing and today I am back with the second chapter about crypto investments.

What is crypto currencies?

These are digital currencies which are run on decentralized blockchain e.g. Ethereum blockchain or Bitcoin blockchain. There are lots of good and lucrative coins on the market and they can make you rich. Some who invested in bitcoin and other currencies when they were launched are now millionaires, they chose the right path but it’s never too late. Let’s embark on journey to “the road to riches”, we are going to look at the two way of making money in this market.


Two ways of making money in the crypto market:

  • Buying and holding new crypto
  • Buying and selling crypto

Buying and holding

This is the most best and profitable way of becoming a millionaire, when bitcoin was introduced in 2009 it was valued at $0.02 per coin and if someone invested $100 and bought 5000 bitcoins, today 1 bitcoin is valued at $9.200 which means that person is worth $46 million, I hope now you see the bigger picture of buying and holding.

There are new coins being listed on the coin market cap, you can check on that list and find the coins with low supply because supply plays a pivotal role I determining the value of a crypto currency after demand has been created. Then also check if the coin has a good price, don’t buy coins which are already expensive find something cheap with a great potential e.g. Loopring or AWC-986 token.

Make sure the coin you select has a good market capitalization and very well adopted, once you find it that’s where you should put your money onto but make sure not to buy useless coins take your time.

Buying and selling crypto

It is another way of making money on the crypto market, you will have to find an exchanger to trade with then create your account e.g. on Binance, yobit or any other exchanger of your choice. After creating your account then you will have to make your deposit and then start trading different currencies buying them low and sell them when the price goes up.

All you have to do is find coins which are more liquid and volatile, don’t ever make a mistake of buying stable coins hoping to make money. Just like their name they are stable and not volatile, so you will never make money with them.


This is the best way of making money online, I hope you find this article helpful. Soon I will drop another article “The Road to riches Chapter 3: Affiliate and web marketing”, and I will furnish you with details of another way of making money online.

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