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By Mabla | nick07 | 20 Jun 2020

The journey to becoming a best author is not an easy road if you are not ready to devote yourself in doing proper and well detailed research and bring the best out of you, as long you are determined to do something greater, then the path will be clearer and the journey will be smooth.


The journey started

When I first joined publish0x I didn’t know what to do exactly, the money I got from tipping only wasn’t enough for me and I decided to apply for authorship after I saw some authors making a lot of money on posts they write. I was then granted the authorship privileges but I didn’t know what to write about exactly. My very first post I wrote was “forex Market vs. Stock Market” and I got $0.21, I was so excited and I told I could do better with time.

I started setting new records for myself I always ended targeting $0.4 per post until I surpassed that. Then the other day I was disappointed when 2 of my articles did not get any tips and I was so frustrated, but I went back on the drawing board and went back and revised all my articles and I realized it was not all about getting tips but writing powerful articles which tickle people’s minds and helpful as well.

What makes a great author?

For you to become a good author you have to dig in deep and see where your strength is, you cannot write about everything, better find were you are good at find where you are good at e.g. you can write about crypto currencies analysis, financial markets, sports or even about health and fashion just perfect your skill.

What determines a good article?

  • On point introduction
  • Good body and facts
  • Perfect conclusion

Your introduction has to be catchy, because if your introduction is boring a reader will obviously not read your story to the end, so try by all means to be short and precise and the reader will be so determined to read more as you had caught their attention.

After writing a perfect introduction then you have to make sure the body of your story is well crafted and presented well. Make sure to use paragraphs and short sentences as possible because it so boring reading long and never ending sentences. Make them short and on point.

Lastly you have to write a short and precise conclusion summarizing your whole article in a few words. It not about writing a lot of stuff but make sure what you write is of help to whoever reads your article.


After you have perfected all the areas hit the publish button and people will see your article. If you have everything on point and if readers like your story then you will get more followers to your blog and more followers means more money. Like someone once said “follow excellence and success will chase you. If you want to start by chasing money you will lose it all and get lost in the way.

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