Is Zcash a better investment compared to Ethereum?

By Mabla | nick07 | 19 Jun 2020

Crypto currencies are now the future of lucrative investments and they are dominating in the markets. A good investment is a one which has higher chances of being profitable, so you will have to pick the right one after considering so many facts. Zcash and Ethereum are the two crypto currencies which we are going to take a look into and see how profitable can they be.

The factors to be considered are as follows: 

  • Ranking
  • Liquidity


Market ranking play a major role as it reveals some information needed to make a judgment. Ranking can be on size of market capitalization. Market capitalization is just the end result of full adoption of the coin, if a coin is adopted well on the market then investors will have faith in it and can invest freely therefore it boosts market capitalization.


Obviously you have to invest in soothing that people are interested in so that you will be able to dispose and realize you profits. Liquidity is determined by the capitalization of the asset to be invested in, if a coin as higher capitalization then it shows that it is highly liquid and can get you good profits.


It is the second giant crypto currency on the crypto market and is ranked number 2 by its capitalization of $25 billion. It was launched in 2015 and as of to date is has managed to conquer the markets and is always breaking new grounds. It is currently being traded at $227 and it once reached the all-time high of $1.432, and has a supply of 111 million coins in supply.

It is used as a digital currency for settling payments and has a high speed blockchain which confirms transaction at a lighting speed. Ethereum is also used by developers for creating applications and so many tokens now are running on Ethereum blockchain. Its blockchain is also used for smart contracts, o we can see Ethereum is highly adopted and widely used all over therefore it has higher chances of dominating the markets.



It is a decentralized crypto currency launched in 2016 and it is based on zerocoin. It is a secure crypto currency with options of disclosing or not disclose amount transacted by individuals through its secure ledger. It is ranked at number 27 with a market capitalization of $490 million and currently trading at $53 per coin and ha an all-time high of $5.900 per coin.

It has a maximum supply of 21 million coins and only 9.4 million are in circulation. This coin has so much possibilities of being more profitable because it has a low supply and therefore the demand is high and this will push the price higher, there is no doubt you can make some money from this coin.


Both crypto currencies are promising and lucrative, Ethereum has a higher capitalization and has many uses as compared to Zcash which might be a good reason to consider as its value depends on this but on the other hand Zcash has a good supply which will create demand and has higher chances of making you rich, so you can consider you facts well and make a decision but as for Zcash it is highly promising.

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