3 promising crypto currencies that can make you rich

By Mabla | nick07 | 21 Jun 2020

A lot of millionaires became rich through different industries, from energy industries, technology industries, real estate, financial markets etc. but the next set of millionaires will come from the crypto currencies. Currently we have a lot of millionaires who benefited from bitcoin when it was introduced with a value of $0.02 per coin and now its worth more than $9,000.

On 20/06/20 I wrote an article called “Why bitcoin is not a good investment”, explaining why it will not make you rich and I promised to come up with another article with a research on which crypto currencies that has a potential of making you rich. Let’s get into it and see some of the 3 I find promising.


  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Atomic Wallet Token (AWC-986)
  • Loopring (LRC)


It is an Ethereum based token (ERC-20) which runs on an Ethereum blockchain and it was launched in 2017. It was created by the developers of java scripts and Mozilla Firefox and it is used for rewarding content creators, publishers, marketers and is also used for tipping, so it was meant to promote and improve digital marketing.

How to get bat token?

You can get this token through publish0x via tipping and getting tipped and u can also get it through using their web browser called brave browser and that browser has an inbuilt wallet you can use for storing BAT. Or either you can get it on crypto trading exchangers, e.g. you deposit any other crypto and buy your bat token.

Why bat token is a promising investment?

Level of adoption of a crypto currency determines its strength, bat is a well adopted crypto and we can see that through the rate it gains value. From its all-time low of $0.06 in 2017 it managed to reach an all-time high of $0.98 per coin in 2018 and currently its trading at $0.23 per coin, and if you can get yourself about 434 coin from $100 investment and if the price hits $5 this will give you $2170.

Digital marketing is the future of marketing in this era so this will put bat token in the spot light and as people use the brave browser they will recognize bat as the best crypto and this can push it price higher as it is doing right now.


Why AWC-986 is a promising investment

This token was launched in 2018 by the Atomic Wallet owners and it was valued at $0.4 per coin and now it’s trading at $0.63 per coin. Its current low supply of 10 million will create a huge demand and the price will go up and surpass its all-time high of $0.81 per coin because low supply creates a huge demand.

As people keep on migrating to atomic wallet this will increase its adoption and improve its market capitalization. It has a good Return on Investment of 1,542.37% which makes a lucrative investment.

How to get AWC-986

You can buy these tokens on Binance exchanger called Binance Dex or you can exchange it from another currencies within the atomic wallet and lastly you can also get them through participating in their airdrop and earn free AWC-986.


Loppring is a good decentralized crypto currency ranking at number 69 which is a good position. It has market capitalization of $96 million with a good return on investment of +81.44%. There are higher possibilities of it surpassing its all-time high of $2.59 per coin. Its currently trading at $0.09 per coin which is a good price to buy at, you should buy as many as you can.


These three crypto currencies has a higher potential of making you rich, they are worthy to look into and if satisfied you can invest in them. They all have good opportunities, I will come up with another list on my next article and I will provide you with another list best to look into.

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