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By nickspellman | Nick - DeFi | 13 Mar 2021

In this post we'll be talking about PancakeBunny.

PancakeBunny is a DeFi yield farming aggregator and optimizer for Binance Smart Chan (BSC) and soon for Ethereum (ETH).

You can use it Farm LP tokens or simply stake your Crypto and receive BUNNY, CAKE and even your own LP in return.

PancakeBunny site

It's really similar to PancakeSwap, and if you don't know what PancakeSwap is you can learn more clicking on this post here.

You can use it to swap you coins (they use PancakeSwap integrated on their site).

PancakeBunny Zap

Once you have both coins on your wallet, you can add Liquidity to them, which will create a LP token of the pair of coins you choose to do so.

If you don't know how to do this, I explain everything on this post about PancakeSwap here.

After you have your LP token ready, you can start staking it.

PancakeBunny LP

The best part about PancakeBunny is that you can earn more than one token or coin on most of the Farms, and also most of them have the auto compound service, which means it automatically reinvest the coin or LP token you won on the Farm, and doing that, you can earn even more of the coin or LP token you staked.

PancakeBunny farms

Thank you for learning more about PancakeBunny with me today, I left a few links that can help you track your progress on the site.



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Nick - DeFi

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