Axie Infinity:Origin Early Access is Live

By HRjobber | NFTParadise | 8 Apr 2022

The popular creator of Axie Infinity just released a global Early Access of a brand new game, Axie Infinity: Origins. You can now download it via Mavis Hub. Unfortunately, the game doesn't offer any SLP or AXS rewards as long as it is in Early Access.

Also, Sky Mavis will release an Android and iOS version of the game so players can enjoy Origin from their mobile devices while new players can enjoy the game that don't have access to the PC version.

New Features

The Developers of Axie Infinity: Origins have recreated what the original Axie Infinity was but revamped nearly everything in the process.That means that gameplay has been reworked with new mechanics in place, a softer touch on the graphical and art perspective that will intrigue original Axie Infinity players along with a new audience.




                                                           Axie Origin combat
                                  source:Sky Mavis


 Here is a least of features that players can expect while playing the game;


  •  Power Buffs: Runes are power-ups that are introduced in Axie Origin providing passive power buffs to Axies, while Charms are wearables that   enhance Axie inherited abilities. There are a lot of different runes and charms in this game to try on, giving different buffs to each Axie.


  • Turn System Changes:  Actions will now happen as soon as a card is played and the turn ends manually by the player. Opponents will do the same until they run out of energy thus ending their turn so players have to be careful playing their cards.


  • Story/Tutorial: A brand new story with a brand new tutorial will guide players through the basics of Axie Origins. A new rewarding system will encourage players to play through the story.


  • Free Non-NFT starter Axie: A total of three non-NFT starters will be given out to each player. Anyone that couldn't play the previous title due to the financial barrier will now be given a chance to do so.


Personal views on Axie Origin

 Axie Origin offers a great experience to players both new and old, a great demonstration is the free Axies that are given to anyone so they can enjoy the game like everyone without investing any money whatsoever. I believe it can surpass its predecessor due to its free-to-play nature attracting anyone that couldn't access the original Axie Infinity due to the high investment cost. I believe it's a game that everyone can play and enjoy despite their age. Also, I forgot to mention the future rewarding system will make players keep playing the game with AXS and SLP being a motivational factor.

Anyways that was today's article on the newest Axie release, the games will still run separately so players can play any of the two games. Be seeing you tomorrow with another NFT-related article.







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