HYPE APE CLUB - An Upcoming Utility Based NFT Project

By Shrxey_04 | NFT Steps | 18 Mar 2022

The Hype Ape Club is an ERC 721 Polygon NFT Project, therefore there are barely any gas fees. The project promises a lot of utility in its project that will for sure benefit its holders. The benefits below are only the benefits from Phaze 1.



  • Crypto Mining Rig in which holders will get profits from the rig (after 20 holders)
  • Exclusive Merch in which holders also receive some of the profits (50 holders)
  • Slingshot Giveaway, YES A CAR (5000 holders)
  • VIP Pass Airdrops
  • Exclusive Party in Miami 
  • Polygon chain NFT's so lower gas fees

Project Utilities


  • Not Doxxed Yet (they will dox at 500 discord members)
  • Not Everyone knows about this good project


HYPE APE CLUB Discord: https://discord.gg/bSvGhuGupb

HYPE APE CLUB INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/hypeapeclub/   


If you guys have any questions then leave them in the comments

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