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By NFT Journalist | NFT Journalist | 17 Jul 2022

Trophies Once a Year

One of the events Happening at the 1 Year Birthday Party is called “Once a Year”. This event has mostly a passive nature for the user.

How will it work?

During the Party, snapshots from various search results will be taken and shared among the community, along with exclusive and super rare rewards that are only usable by the users who earned them and no one

We will be looking at different metrics and be rewarding users upon those top 3 results on every field.

There are a minimum 3 Winners for every field, which everyone the chance to win multiple exclusive rewards as long as they qualify as winners.

Check out below the different types of requirements:

Hold to Qualify:

Just as the name suggests. The top 3 holders of certain type of NFTs that are key to Play PixelTycoons games, will earn respective prizes on this special event.
If 2 users have a tie for first place, for example, both will earn 1 trophy from the same template. Mint number will be randomized.


What items is PT looking for as criteria for reward distribution?

- Land Parcel (1x1 and 2)
- Produced Food Since day 1 On
- Collectors (Curious and Daring)
- Slimes (Baby Slimes and Slimo/Slimax)

Top 3 from the 4 fields above will earn:

5x Copper Coin
- 1x Trophy (Respective to each different field and position)
1/1 Non Transferable Trophy that has special properties and further utility planned. That NTT is a living proof of the user interaction and presence.

Play to Qualify:

As the name suggests, you have to play the games to qualify. This modality will focus on the results of players in the last month, and top players in each respective game will earn exclusive rewards.

- What items is PT looking for as criteria for reward distribution?
FIRST — all criteria below will be looked at under a 1 month time frame.

Top Farmers (Most crops farmed during whole July)
Top Traders (Most NFTs traded with pixeltmarket during whole July)
Top Trainers (Raffled between all users that Magic Trained during July)
Top Collector
Top Explorer (Most Explore Commands issued during whole July)
Searcher (Most Search Commands issued during whole July)
Home (Most Home Commands issued during whole July)
Chopper (Most Chop Commands issued during whole July)
Miner (Most Mine Commands issued during whole July)

Top 3 players from the modalities above will earn:

All winners get:

1x Slice of 1 Year Birthday Cake
1x Cup Pack (To be announced soon!)
5x Copper Coins
1x Top 3 Player NTT

2nd Place:

1x Land Parcel 1x1
1x Curious Collector

1st Place:

1x Land Larcel 2
1x Curious Collector
1x Teleportal

Take a look at all different New Rewards from this meaningful event for those that comply with was expressed in the lines of text above!

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