League of Kingdoms best strategy NFT game


League of Kingdoms strategy game

League of Kingdoms is a comprehensive MMO strategy game in which players can play alone (PVE), or in alliances (PvP / PVE). You can build various buildings within your kingdom. Building construction takes time and resources. The higher the levels, the greater the investment of resources / time but the greater the productivity. You can develop your kingdom where you can build buildings, train troops and gather resources in the fields. The general level of a kingdom is linked to the level of your castle. leagueofkindoms-tutorial1-1024x383 League of Kingdoms best strategy NFT game

Farm resources and PVE


Farming resources and hunting monsters are two essential activities for gathering the resources needed to develop your kingdom.

1. Farm

There are five primary resources and many other auxiliary items that you will need. You can collect them within your kingdom and / or venture into the wilds to farm resource nodes. Except for the crystal, the other four primary resources can be collected from farms within your castle. Crystal mines can only be found on the field on rare occasions and it is very likely that they have already been taken by another player. So if you found an empty one, good luck! 
5 primary resources: Food, Wood, Stone, Gold.

2. Hunting

Hunting monsters is also a good source of resources and loot. Various monsters based on their levels and types drop different resources and items. Some bosses or special monsters can only be hunted through gathering with alliance members.
In addition to resources and loot, you can also earn Mastery EXP by hunting monsters. Gained Mastery EXP can be used to gain new Mastery skills.

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League of Kingdoms Research and Mastery


Research is a way to improve new battle and production technologies. Battle technologies include cavalry speed, etc. and production technologies are various skills to improve productivity such as resource gathering speed, etc.

Currently, there are three main ways to obtain and improve the technologies.

Academy: You can invest resources and time to develop new technologies in the academy building located in your castle. There are three main categories. Battle, Manufacturing and Advanced Technologies.

Alliance Technology: You can also develop a number of additional technologies by being part of an alliance. Each alliance has its own research institute where you can contribute your resources to develop new technologies. These technologies benefit your kingdom as long as you remain a member of the alliance.

Masteries: Masteries are a series of advanced technologies that you can learn by earning Mastery points. Mastery points can be earned by leveling up your lord. You can get exp points for your lord through monster hunting.

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League of Kingdoms Troops


There are three types of troops: Infantry, Archers and Cavalry. And each of these types has 5 levels.
Players can strategically and tactically strengthen one troop type over another by investing in various research and technologies mentioned above.

These types of troops differ in their battle skills, but also in speed of collection or load. 

Troops are also used to gather resources, infantry personal council and cavalry are the best in terms of offensive and resource gathering.

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Important, join an Alliance as soon as possible


Alliances play an essential role within the gameplay.
Whether it is participating in a dragon hunt or the conquest of sanctuaries / conventions, membership in an alliance is a pre-requisite.
Due to its huge role in the game, players are strongly recommended to join an alliance as soon as possible. Membership in the alliance will create a huge difference in the later stages of the game. To facilitate this, the game has an AI-driven alliance recommendation bot, which guides players to join an alliance that suits them best.
Once you join an alliance, there are a whole host of features that you can explore and take advantage of, including but not limited to alliance gifts, shops and buildings.

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League of Kingdoms LOKA TOKEN


$ LOKA is a government token of kingdoms, kingdoms, and kingdoms in the metaverse of the League of Kingdoms game, offered in partnership with the TPA Metaverse foundation.

  • Use $ LOKA to unlock powerful NFTs
  • Propose and vote with $ LOKA to make your voice heard
  • Bet $ LOKA and earn profitable returns
  • Spend $ LOKA to buy your favorite items and skins.

The $ DST token will also be launched soon.
The Dragon Play-to-Earn NFT system will be unveiled in the first half of 2022

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