Ascenders Event Avalanche Blockchain


Ascenders Event Blockchain Avalanche


Ascenders Event combines a story-based open world with a fully decentralized, player-driven crypto economy to deliver a whole new ARPG experience. Built on the Avalanche network, Ascenders features a dual-token economy and player-created NFTs, and is one of the first big games to harness the power and flexibility of AVAX subnets.

The Ascenders ecosystem is complex, with many opportunities for trade, cooperation and competition. Players lead an emerging economy: they create all NFT items, build cities on NFT lands, and team up to create powerful guilds. There are a variety of “play and earn” roles that a player can specialize in, each with their own resources, challenges and economic circuits. Player decisions can make permanent changes to the world itself.

As a first step towards this ecosystem, Ascenders will first release the AGC governance token. This token can be staked for rewards, provides Ascenders DAO membership, unlocks bonus rewards and special VIP events while the game is in development, and can also be used in-game. AGC stakers also receive in-game rewards!

ascenders_event3_new_nft_game Ascenders Event Avalanche Blockchain

Ascenders Event Gameplay


The game's story takes the player through a vast contiguous outer world and a series of increasingly challenging dungeons. The gameplay is both Single Player and PvEvP.

Players can challenge deep dungeons for rewards, which can also be used to mint NFT items. Some dungeons act as periodic tournaments, allowing players to compete in PvEvP leaderboards for rare and valuable resources. Special “Battle for Land” dungeon tournaments award plots of land to the winners.

The overworld contains many different terrains, each with their own challenges, enemies and resources. Players explore the overworld for history and resources, which can be used to mint NFT items. The demarcated areas of the overworld are owned NFTs, which provide resources and allow landowners to construct buildings for other players to see / use.

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Ascenders Land


Land plot owners collect passive resource income. They can also erect buildings on a flat building space; building structures significantly increase the productivity of plots of land. The larger the plot of land, the more building space is usually available.

However, the number of buildings is limited by the limited amount of buildable space, and upgrading a building often increases its footprint, taking up even more space. Landowners need to observe the market and carefully plan what to build / redevelop:

  • Customizable homes where you can relax and show off your precious possessions.
  • Weapon and armor blacksmiths where players can use resources to mint items.
  • Silos and refineries to improve the resource production of a plot of land.
  • Player-run shops, which act as local markets.
  • Fast hospitals, temples and travel portals providing gaming services.
  • Guildhall guilds with their own local rules and economies.

ascenders_event2_new_nft_game Ascenders Event Avalanche Blockchain

Ascenders Double Token Economy


Ascenders is built on an Avax subnet, a highly scalable system that creates new separate but connected chain instances that enable functionality similar to an L2 blockchain. As a result, third-party builders can create any existing DeFi protocol in the Ascenders ecosystem.

  • Govern the game through the AGC governance token.
  • Create tradable NFT items, such as player-made swords or armor.
  • Trade markets for NFT items and resources.
  • Exchange game assets via a DEX. Players can provide liquidity by using the collected resources.
  • Create in-game banks to store in-game resources.
  • Create guilds created and controlled by players, each with their own treasures, inventories, markets and social functions.

At the heart of this ecosystem are 2 tokens: The Ascenders Governance Council (AGC) governance token and the Glow Gems (GG) currency token.

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