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By NFTFuture | NFT fantasy sports | 6 Apr 2021

Whether you are a new or experienced Sorare player, scouting player cards on Sorare is a crucial aspect of the game. Finding the right card could make a difference on any given gameweek in pursuit of higher rewards, or act as an investment over the short or long term, should the card appreciate in value.

There are several important factors to consider when scouting players, regardless of whether you are planning on using them in your weekly lineups or are looking to buy them as an investment. As one might imagine, prices and selling history, playing time and scores are some of the key aspects to pay special attention to when scouting for new signings. All of them are further explained below, along with a quick overview of some of the tools that SorareData offers.


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First of all, it is important to note that most of your scouting activities will not take place on the Sorare platform. SorareData is a website that contains all the card information, history, statistics and tools that you require for successfully scouting players. SorareData is generally used by most Sorare managers, since it contains sufficient information to help managers make informed decisions, based on research.

Below, you can find an overview of some of the most important information, statistics, views and tools that SorareData has to offer.


1 – Player position

2 – Availability for next match

3 – Average score over the last 5 games

4 – Average score over the last 15 games

5 – Average score over the last 40 games

6 – Percentage of games played over the last 5 games

7 – Percentage of games played over the last 15 games

8 – Percentage of games played over the last 40 games

9 – Average card price (in ETH)

10 – Average card price over the last 3 days (in ETH)

11 – Lowest price on the transfer market (in ETH)


Some of the most important things to consider on this screen when scouting players are the average scores and percentages of games played, especially in relation to the price. The goal should always be to find players that play a high percentage of games (or that you speculate could get an increase in playing time in the future), are constant in their scoring and have high peaks during periods of good form (or that you speculate could improve their form and results) and are cheaper than alternative options at the same positions and for the same budget (or that you speculate can rise in price due to some or other development).

If you want to actively hit the thresholds each week in order to stack Ethereum on a regular basis, players that average 40-50 points are what you should be looking for. Most of them shouldn’t be too expensive, unless other managers are already speculating on them (e.g. if they are still young and have significant potential, are currently injured or underperforming). On most weeks, a team comprised of these players should be able to score 205 points required to earn 0.01 ETH, while on some weeks, if things go right, they are more than capable of scoring 250 require to earn 0.02 ETH.

If you have grander goals and your budget allows, you can naturally aim for better players right off the bat. If you can get your hands on a couple of players that are averaging over 50 and are capable of hitting some big scores on their good days, you can be quite confident that the team can hit the second threshold and earn you 0.02 ETH on most weeks. In some cases, if you can buy more players or are aiming for players that often play during the week as well (e.g. clubs in European competitions, certain leagues), you could be participating in two gameweeks every week an doubling the regular income in ETH as well as your chances of challenging for the higher rewards.



The SO5 Scores page (above) is very useful when scouting players and analyzing their performances, both in terms of consistency and maximum production that a certain player can offer. Hovering above each individual score (each dot represents one match) shows how many minutes the player played in the match, who their opponent was and what the score was, as well as the players Decisive score and All-around score.

The above image shows Cristiano Ronaldo’s scores from July 2020 until today. We all know that Ronaldo is very good, but this page can show us what exactly we can expect on a weekly basis. First of all, we can see a lot of green scores, meaning that Ronaldo consistently excels and scores high. There are also a few scores over 90, which are not easy to achieve and are every Sorare manager’s dream. This means that when Ronaldo is in form or simply has a good game, he can contribute heavily to your weekly score and placement.

On the other hand, we can also see that Ronaldo does not have a lot of poor games. Even when he is not scoring goals and is not at his best, he is usually still quite average and provides rather satisfactory scores on a regular basis (yellow). In fact, in the last 10 months, Ronaldo has only had two games with very low, above-average scores (red). In one of them, he only played for 20 minutes, while in the other, he apparently simply had an off game.

The key takeaway here is consistency. While any kind of general recommendations would not make much sense, since everything ultimately depends on individuals managers, their budgets, goals and preferences. However, there are some things that you should be mindful of every time you are scouting or buying a player. The players playing time and performances in relation to the price is probably the main factor that will dictate a lot of your decisions when buying players on Sorare. As far as performance is concerned, the peak scores are always something to note, however the key should be consistency. A player that can regularly hit a certain score can be far more valuable than a player who is streaky and is likely to follow-up an amazing game with a poor one, especially in the beginning, when you are consistently trying to hit the threshold scores in the Global All Star tournament.

If you spend enough time scouting players in Sorare, you are more than likely to find some gems that can provide you with a decent score each week. Concentrating on consistency at this point would likely be a good thing, since it will allow you to really assemble a team that will be able to score 250 points each week, regardless of whether some players have an off game or are absolutely on fire. If you can hit 250 points on most gameweeks, the Ethereum rewards start stacking up very quickly, allowing you to expand and improve your team and try to challenge for those top spots and high-tier rewards.

Get scouting and have fun playing Sorare!

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