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Hi friends!

As I’m a huge supporter of hi, I commonly receive concerns in regards to their legitimacy. Especially when telling my family and peers how much money I have invested. And I can understand why. When looking at what the non-profit banks will offer soon, it seems too good to be true:

About hi excerpt, 2021

Crazy, isn’t it?
Yet i believe that their mission/vision is definitely achievable in the near future, already with the current capabilities of blockchain-technology.

Thus, I was very happy to find out today that hi recieved a successful audit from CertiK:

"The hi Dollar (HI), the membership token of hi, the innovative not-for-profit financial services provider, received a successful smart contract audit from CertiK, a leading formal verification platform, in preparation for its launch no later than 1 August 2021. hi chose to conduct its native token’s audit with CertiK due to their focus on security, transparency, and innovation within cybersecurity." -hi, 2021

Did you know you can claim 1HI as reward everyday? This equates to 0.80$ daily or 24$/month. For free! No KYC!

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