Own a Piece of Real Estate on the Blockchain with NFFT


In the past few years, the blockchain and crypto space has seen a lot of innovation. From DeFi protocols providing different financial services to NFTs allowing artists to mint and sell unique works on the blockchain, the coast is expanding. One of the latest innovations is NFFT (Non-Fungible Fillable Tokens).

NFFT is an improvement on NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs are unique and can represent all kinds of digital items and even real-world items on the blockchain. But it had one issue, once the item has been minted, it cannot be altered or replaced. NFFT changes this by allowing users to own blocks that they can fill with any item at will.

Such digital items could be images or digital artwork. In addition, it is possible to add a URL to the block, which will direct anyone who clicks on the block to another page.

NFFT is a universe made of non-fungible fillable blocks of equal sizes, which is why it is known as Blockverse. It is built on Ethereum, and there are 9112 in total. While all the blocks have the same size, their value is not the same. There are seven types of blocks and what differentiates them is their value determined by location and rarity.

For context, there are only 4 Genesis Blocks right at the center of the Blockverse, 396 Phantom blocks, 692 Legendary blocks, 1080 Gem blocks, 2248 UnCommon blocks, and 3912 Common blocks. As you have rightly guessed, the Genesis blocks are the most expensive.

NFFT was created by a decentralized autonomous organization of developers, blockchain enthusiasts, marketing executives, and other business-oriented people. The Blockverse is multipurpose and can serve different purposes depending on the individual or group-buying it.

For artists and those in the creative business, the blocks can serve as a gallery where you can display your works. You can even add a URL that directs viewers to your page or where they can bid for the works. Since NFFT is fillable, you can always change what you display. Let the community know about your latest work by displaying it on your purchased block in the Blockverse.

Companies also stand to gain a lot by buying blocks on NFFT Blockverse. It is an opportunity to own a valuable space on the blockchain for displaying information and updates about your company's operations. As more people are adopting crypto and blockchain, your company has an opportunity to stay ahead of competitors by buying blocks on the Blockverse. There are only 9112 blocks, and a large percentage of them have been sold out in auctions. This limited supply means their value will only keep increasing.

Advertisers, too, can buy blocks on Blockverse. The NFFTs blocks can serve as digital billboards on the blockchain, creating a niche marketplace. Fundamental to the design of the NFFTs is the ease of filling them with new items. All it costs is a small fee, and you can replace any item in blocks.

NFFTs are revolutionary, finally allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of NFT while still having the ability to edit it. With the Blockverse, you will have access to the community of NFFTs and all the benefits that come with that. So, buy an NFFT block today and get started.

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Non-Fungible Fillable Tokens
Non-Fungible Fillable Tokens

Our invention is the NFFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Fillable Tokens. NFFT is the next evolution of NFTs. This is a special type of NFT that allows the end-user to fill their Block with any image or artwork. The owner of each NFFT can also set a URL f

NFFT: The Next Evolution of NFT
NFFT: The Next Evolution of NFT

"It’s going to be absolutely massive” - @bitboy on NFFT with @thestevemcgarry

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