NFFT, The Only Fillable NFT Token Prepares To Reveal Block Rarity

3c73e28bb796152126c3df6786440580c710a0300be94588ff62e96c27313c1c.jpg joins the NFT craze and becomes the first platform to offer fillable NFT tokens to the blockchain community. The decentralized community-driven platform managed to sell over 70% of the 9112 available NFFT blocks in just 24 hours after launch. In short, the NFFT is a non-fungible fillable token, which means that, unlike regular NFTs, it is refillable. This opens a whole new world of capabilities to the industry and introduces adaptability to the outside world’s events. Each NFFT is contained in a block, the real estate components that make up the blockverse – the visual display of the token’s contents.

Tell me more’s blockverse is the ecosystem where anyone can claim one or many NFFT blocks. The contents of each block are displayed on the platform in a grid pattern and, given the nature of the token, can be filled and customised with artwork, music, links, and much more.

According to the decentralized community behind, each block acquisition on the blockverse is governed by random distribution. In other words, all users have the same chance of purchasing a rare block. This move fuels the internal block’ exchange within the blockverse as NFFT token owners rush to take up a larger footprint on the platform’s grid.

Rarity Revealed

NFFT based NFTs are considered to be the next iteration of the industry that took the blockchain world by storm. Nevertheless, whilst NFT artwork and game cards collectibles reach valuations of tens of millions of dollars, the token contents remain unchanged once the mint process is complete.

As a result, game cards can change state as the football players score goals, new music tracks can get unlocked to specific NFFT token holders, and art collectors can get early access to new artwork by their favorite artists. The application opportunities are endless with NFFTs, and the best part about it is that anyone can now acquire a block via

All 9112 NFFT tokens operate on the Ethereum blockchain, whilst their contents can be broadcasted across ‘NFT standard’ marketplaces. Once minted, the token grants access to block real estate and allows an unlimited number of content refills and metadata changes. block reveal is happening this week, where the rarity of all the blocks will be revealed and block collectors will find out what location of the Blockverse their block is located in.

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Non-Fungible Fillable Tokens
Non-Fungible Fillable Tokens

Our invention is the NFFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Fillable Tokens. NFFT is the next evolution of NFTs. This is a special type of NFT that allows the end-user to fill their Block with any image or artwork. The owner of each NFFT can also set a URL f

NFFT Reveal
NFFT Reveal

NFFT, The Only Fillable NFT Token Prepares To Reveal Block Rarity LIVE BITCOIN NEWS · APRIL 19, 2021 · 11:45 A

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