Technology risks

١]-Loss of communication skills:

In this era, mobile phones, emails, and social media have reduced direct contact between people, which is very important in the workplace and human life, and requires listening and communication skills not found in social media.


٢]-Exposure Piracy:

Despite the greatly increased security efforts, there are many external and internal risks that lead to the theft of information from employees and its sale, as well as the hacking of security information for countries, which adds additional costs to the company to overcome these challenges. [1] Eyestrain Staring directly at the digital screen for a longer period, especially in a place dominated by darkness, leads to the evaporation of tears that protect the eye, in addition to reading small fonts on mobile phones or other devices that increase stress, and it is worth noting that there are 7 people among Every 10 people in the United States of America suffer from dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, and pain in the neck or shoulders. To reduce this, it is recommended to take a 20-second break every 2 hours. 0 min.


 ٣]-Sleep disorders:

A study found that 44% of people leave their phones on their side when sleeping, and in a study conducted in 2011 AD, it was found that 95% of adults use their phones before bed, and according to the National Sleep Foundation, and a group of researchers In Swedes, there is a relationship between cell phone use and an increase in sleep disturbances in both men and women; As exposure to lighting at the time of going to sleep stops the secretion of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin, according to Dr. Charles Chesler of Harvard University. [2] Physical inactivity There is a large body of research linking excessive use of digital devices, and a low level of physical fitness; Where a study showed a group of students that people who use cell phones got negative results in the cardiorespiratory fitness test.


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Next Wave of Technology.
Next Wave of Technology.

Technology is a modern technology that appeared in our time and developed a group of things that we considered difficult, made it easier and brought us closer to skills and everything necessary in our lives, and gave us a clear view of the universe and brought it closer to us from all its aspects.

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