Man in the age of technology


1}-First and foremost, the topic in this article is: - The human being in the age of technology: Focusing on human rights, which is the most important need in his life, and its relationship to the digital age, is essential. In fact, data collection takes place on a large scale, as countries, political parties and various organizations, especially businesses, collect detailed and personal information about us. Many aspects of our lives are digitally monitored, stored, used and misused. Everyone who carries a smartphone in this room today, for example, has created a digital path that leads directly to this very room. In fact, digital technology offers many benefits to humans. Its value for human rights and development is immeasurable.


It enables us to connect and connect with people around the world in an unprecedented way, to mobilize, inform and investigate, and to use encrypted communications, satellite imagery and data streams to directly defend and promote human rights. We can even use artificial intelligence to anticipate and respond to possible human rights violations. On the other hand, we can never ignore its dark side because it not only has positives but also negatives. We cannot express this dark side except in the strongest terms, as the digital revolution is a global issue that has invaded the entire world and is a fundamental issue of human rights. Its obvious benefits never override its obvious risks. Nor can we accept that cyberspace and artificial intelligence are not governed, supervised, or accessible to human rights. We have the same rights in the virtual world and in the real world. This was confirmed by the United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Council. Dear Friends and Colleagues, We should not be confused by the scale and rapid pace of digital development, but we need to be aware of a number of its specific risks with which we face several problems.


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Next Wave of Technology.
Next Wave of Technology.

Technology is a modern technology that appeared in our time and developed a group of things that we considered difficult, made it easier and brought us closer to skills and everything necessary in our lives, and gave us a clear view of the universe and brought it closer to us from all its aspects.

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