It simply means using a certain living thing to make, create or develop a useful and good product. That is, it is a technology based primarily on biology, and it is being adapted and introduced in a wide range of different other fields. Biotechnology is a branch of many disciplines of study that have a significant impact on every indispensable aspect of modern human life. It focuses on the main pillars of genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology. This technology includes a large and wide range of procedures that work on genetically executing living organisms according to human purposes, domesticating animals, cultivating all kinds of plants, and improving them through breeding programs that use artificial selection. Modern use also includes genetic engineering as well as large-scale cell and tissue culture techniques.


What are the departments of the Faculty of Biotechnology?

The application of the “Biotechnology” specialty is divided into four important parts, which are as follows, all of which are associated with specific colors to denote them, as follows:


1- Red or medical red biotechnology:

This biotechnology specialty is related to the medical field. Which includes, for example, the production of antibiotics from living organisms. It is related to some areas of genetic engineering to treat diseases, the possibility of producing drugs specific to the genetic content of an individual, and the treatment of diseases that are dangerous to human life, such as cancer and others.

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Next Wave of Technology.
Next Wave of Technology.

Technology is a modern technology that appeared in our time and developed a group of things that we considered difficult, made it easier and brought us closer to skills and everything necessary in our lives, and gave us a clear view of the universe and brought it closer to us from all its aspects.

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