Robert Kiyosaki Bets on $75K Bitcoin by 2023

Robert Kiyosaki Bets on $75K Bitcoin by 2023

By Jeremy Wall | News | 18 May 2020

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular personal finance book series, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, proclaimed that Bitcoin will surge to $75,000 as the US economy dies amid the global pandemic.

In a viral Tweet, Kiyosaki revealed that he’s buying more gold, silver, and Bitcoin as he prays for the best and prepares for the worst during this impending economic meltdown. 

Is an Economic Meltdown Inevitable?

The current state of the economy is in turmoil as lockdowns persist in North America and throughout the world. In the US particularly, the Federal Reserve reports that the economy is not faring well. 

In the month of April, retail sales fell a record 16.4%, and manufacturing output saw a record-breaking 13.7% decline. 

And what’s worse? 

Unemployment claims in the US have reached 30 million since mid-March. 

The numbers are not looking great and as such, the Federal Reserve expects the US economy to tank by the end of the second quarter, which means more bankruptcies and more bailouts.

To make matters worse, Kiyosaki believes that the next major bailout will be “trillions in pensions” and stated that “hope is fading.”

Jeremy Wall
Jeremy Wall

Jeremy Wall is a financial writer and aspiring investor. He is also a cryptocurrency enthusiast who is fascinated with blockchain technology and the financial markets. When he’s not researching and learning about cryptocurrency, he’s traveling the world.


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