Investing financially in a world full of technology. TECH IS THE NEW MONEY

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TECHNOLOGY IS GROWING FASTER THAN WE CAN IMAGINE. CHATGPT just removed a lot of tech jobs. Yea, people are suffering if they relay only on a 9 to 5 to make money, actively. They need new sources of passive income or at least one... In today's word a big opportunity just arrived. Yea, exactly, investing. But investing is complex and not easy, we all know it. So many fields to invest... stocks, bonds, real estate, start-ups, precious metals, commodities, oil, crypto, NFTs and so on. But let's focus on one single category, the best one right now: TECHNOLOGY.

Why this?

Real estate in 2023 is too risky. Nobody knows if 2008 crisis is going to happen again or something like that, because history does not repeat, but it has a tendency to rhyme. Socks and bonds are useless without big money to put in the market. Start-ups usually fail in 6 to 10 months. Crypto is volatile and NFT projects showed us that even with big partnerships they still can go in the ground and stay there. Oil was too high, the rebounded, then again high and so on, it is just messing with us. For gold or silver, well, they are expensive. But what if I tell you there is a loophole to benefit from each of these scarry investment? (the amount of money you have right now does not matter) Whatever the field you choose, you like, you want, go with tech. 

Let me show you how investing had grown during the past and you must see how tech revolutionized everything and it never died. Are you ready?


Financial investments are the essence of the economic, political and social evolution of any country. Over time, both their number and diversity has increased considerably globally, due to changes in political regulations and technological innovations.

The internet has revolutionized the way in which entities and individuals make financial investments, offering inclusion, accessibility, speed and high security. By automating financial services for investments, a major paradigm shift has been created.

Financial investments involve the allocation of a monetary amount in goods that tend to appreciate in value, over time, considered assets. Among the most recognized liquid financial investments are mutual funds, fixed deposits, stocks, bonds, along with those with low liquidity, namely real estate, gold, silver or precious stones, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. However, careful documentation, strategic thinking and prudent data analysis are required to identify and choose them correctly. Also, any investment involves a certain level of risk, which the investor must be aware of.

Before the advent of the Internet, identifying risk was one of the biggest challenges for investors, predominantly because of the limited information about potential investments and the high cost involved in the process of making them. With the development of web pages for institutions and companies that freely offered financial documents, people interested in investing, for example in the actions of a company, could resort to the fundamental analysis of reports, before making a decision. This was not possible in the past, when in order to obtain this valuable information, the only solution was to contact a company directly for the latest financial report, which could prove costly in terms of shipping for large financial reports and could take a considerable amount of time. The investor should have waited until the report was printed and sent by the firm's investor relations department. With only an Internet connection instead, all the information can now be discovered by any investor in minutes, while eliminating the advantage of brokers having more resources to obtain extensive financial reports or pay for expensive services in order to execute security analysis.

In terms of finance, technological innovations, specifically digital tools and automation, have helped reduce commission rates and time in terms of trading services offered by brokers. The technical analysis part of a security has grown in popularity and attracted many short-term investors, while creating new jobs for day trading or swing trading practitioners. This aspect that involves buying a financial asset in order to be sold at a higher price in a reduced time to minutes, hours or days has attracted the attention of institutions, which have increased the demand for traders, aiming to increase their profits.

Now we use credit cards or debit cards to buy anything from food, clothes, houses to assets, stocks, crypto, NFTs. Now we have crypto and crypto payments are possible. Now we go on a concert with a digital ticket. We buy an NFT and can meet our idol or go to a certain meting, so we use our NFT as a pass, a membership. We do accounting for business using automation tools. We obtain valuable reports using applications, saving time, money and we also eliminate humans errors, that naturally occurs. Computers and codes have no feelings and they follow strict rules. Humans simply can not do that.

All of these show you, that you need to find good business that have an interest in technology. You can choose a tech stock, or a start-up, or a well-structured crypto or NFT project that is based on a sustainable blockchain technology. Go and investigate the implication of your next investment in tech sector. You do not need to look at every aspect, to understand the back end of each technological stuff, or code, but you must observe how the specific investment is using tech and why. Find the why.

            Thus, in a world of technology, financial investments are undergoing a continuous evolution, offering opportunities for both individual and institutional investors to make profits and control their expenses, which contributes significantly to the expected economic progress.



Disclaimer: This is not financial advise, just educative purpose only.

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news crypto nft defi
news crypto nft defi

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