Puckerbutt NFTs are now available (Updated post)

Puckerbutt and Fuego Friend NFTs Available Soon

Puckerbutt has announced that there will be limited Fuego Friends available. Now is the time to signup for their WhiteList for early access to the NFT drop.



Fuego Friends are now available for purchase at a price of 0.05 Ethereum. https://www.fuegofriends.com/nft/fuego-friends-2021-11-26-141b

Signup by Feb 9, 2022 1pm EST (US)

Signing up for the whitelist is the only way to guarantee you can get a Fuego Friend from Puckerbutt, so be sure to signup today if you're interested.

Signup for the "SpiceList" (outdated):


Fuego Friends require Ethereum to purchase, however the starting price has not been shared yet. Have your public wallet address available during signup and be on the lookout tomorrow for the drop.


  • As always I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.


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