Legion Network Response about Rewards

By FreeCryptoGuy | News and Commentary | 11 Mar 2022

Legion Network Responds to common users' questions.


Are referral rewards ending?

Please be aware our referral campaign has now come to a close, this means after 23/02/22 the referral system will no longer  be working. We do have plans for the future to potentially replace the previous referral system with a similar program which will be announced in the future, please stay up to date with the latest Legion Network announcements on our official Discord and Telegram channels.


It's after March 1st, can we claim Rewards now?

You will be able to claim rewards on April 7th. Many users have assumed March 1st was the claim date when in fact, the message read "after March 1st". We purposefully didn't specify a date as we wanted to ensure we had space to move if we wanted to extend get further partnerships over the line, also time to expand and nourish the community further.


What about referral rewards I haven't received?

If your current issue is related to missing LGX and happened before 23/02/22 please follow the instructions listed below.

Please keep in mind you can find your token rewards in the claims area,  to find the claims area you will need to click "Profile" at the bottom left, once you can see your profile you need to look for "claim rewards" to find your claims area.

If you still cannot find your LGX in the claims area there then the cause of this issue could be one of the following reasons:
- The user(s) you are are referring did not use your referral code.
- The user(s) you are referring has used your code but still has not verified their via email yet.
- Our system has flagged the user(s) you have referred as a spam/ bot or a non genuine signup.
Please verify that your invitee(s) have fulfilled the requirements mentioned above to ensure you receive your rewards. 


Can I submit a new issue report for lost referral rewards?

We are expecting high numbers of ticket request and are no longer dealing with Referral related tickets since 25/02/22, this means any more tickets requests we receive related to Referrals will be discarded.


One last thing from Legion:

We thank you for your cooperation, please remember to keep your Legion Network app up to date and continue to report any changes or difficulties you might be having with the app to ensure a smooth customer experience. 


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