Arpa Chain (ARPA) Big News expected 31.12.2020

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Secure Multi-party Computation (MPC) allows a set of parties to jointly compute a function over their inputs while keeping them private. The correctness of computation is verifiable even under majority malicious condition using secret sharing and information theoretic Message Authentication Code (MAC)


ARPA Chain allows for multiple use cases, secure cloud computing, data protection, computing outsourcing, and more. These cases apply to AI, banking, insurance, healthcare, IoT, government and more. You can also specify other features.

Safe computation: performed safely, so that none of the participating nodes can learn more than its prescribed output.
Verifiable Computation: Computation can be publicly verified and proven to be correct. Hence, it is possible to use outsourced computing from the blockchain network.
Level 2 solution: By combining secure and verifiable computing, heavy computational work is done off-chain. Essentially makes protocol computing adaptable to any existing blockchain network.
Scalability: ARPA Chain is designed as a Layer 2 solution. Diagnostics is O (1), the network will never reach its computation limit. Hence, the scalability of computation and TPS (Transaction Per Second) can be improved on any network. The computational power is linear for the participating nodes.
Efficiency: A modern implementation of the MPC protocol is used to speed up secure computing. This implementation achieves a 5x to 6x speed improvement over Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).
Affordability: The world's first general purpose MPC network for secure computing. With high availability and low cost, the company promotes data security and privacy practices that are difficult to achieve.

The use cases for ARPA Chain tokens are quite diverse.

Credit Anti-Fraud. Financial institutions can create general blacklists or conduct joint risk analysis for borrowers without revealing the personal information of each party.
Safe analytics of risks. Financial settlement agent can perform risk analytics on encrypted customer data. Client data is 100% invisible to the agent.
Display accurate advertisements. Advertisers can serve ads to targeted customers for eligible products based on massive user behavior tags without compromising user privacy.

Securely correlate identity data across industries and organizations for a comprehensive user profile.
Data Wallet. Users manage all personal confidential data, define data policy and conveniently log in to service providers in encrypted form.
Safe monetization. Users can “rent out” data to advertisers to analyze product preferences without leaking personal data.

Other use cases:

Data Marketplace
smart diagnostics
key management
blind voting
private intersection set

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NewCrypto news
NewCrypto news

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