To Trade or Not to Trade. Is Trading a Gamble?

To Trade or Not to Trade. Is Trading a Gamble?

Is Trading a Form of Gambling?

"Trading is gambling" that's what people always say. No matter what moral principles you esteemed or what religious background you've got this has been the core belief about trading. It's a curse, a stigma that regardless of anyone's personal opinion it always stick on this topic. Thus, many people are quite hesitant to take the risk. It's a do or die situation for some. Thus, they don't dare to take the challenge no matter how promising the possible rewards they can earn.


Trading vs. Gambling

Is trading really a gamble or are we scratching the surface regarding its true nature? To understand trading and to differentiate it to gambling one must go back to the basic definition of both terms.

Trading is simply an exchange of assets-- "period." No catch nor risk involved except for your exchange assets may change its value over time. Whether the value goes up or goes down is up to different economic factors affecting it. But still, you've got something valuable from out of something you've exchanged.

Gambling, on the other hand, is the total opposite. It is taking the risk of getting or losing something at the cost of something valuable. You may win and take it all. Or you may all loss everything you've got for nothing. This is the genuine do or die situation. An all or nothing risk that can make or break one person's life.


History and Progress

Trading and gambling may seem to be treading the same path but there is actually a thin line that separates them. Both have been used since ancient times and perceived as two different aspects of doing business.

Perhaps, the oldest form of trading is barter. A common business activity wherein one exchange his goods for other people's goods. Chinese, for example, would cross the seas just to exchange their porcelains, jades, urns and other China wares for Indonesian and Malaysian spices, Philippine gold, Japanese weapons and grains, etc. Yes, that is right, our ancestors are traders before money changed the course of economic activities. This is how old civilizations flourished and it is still true even in this modern era. Even today, a simple buying and selling of goods and rendering of services for cash are also a form of trade.

To Trade or Not To...

Remember that fortune favors the bold, so don't be afraid to trade. Take the challenge as well as the risk. Always keep in mind that trading is nothing new to us. After all, we are already doing it ever since we bought our first candy in a store.

Stahn C. Aileron
Stahn C. Aileron

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