TheUsefullTipsSeries for PublishOx current and futur writers: tip 1

By excelencia | The Newbie Academy | 9 Apr 2022

To fasten-up the writing and subsequentially publishing your articles, there's one golden advice:     

Don't make faults losing time.          

How to not loose time making faults?          

Don't make faults, simple

How to not make faults?

Overthink before you act:

This first tip is for PublishOx newbie writers:


You already registered as a user in PublishOx.



You already created a blog with a title.



In your opened Blog, You already started a new post with a title to start writing your first article.



Now you are typing your first lines and after a while wonne see a preview of how your writing would look once published and saw these buttons down your page:


Don't push any of these buttons before you see the word "saved" flashing in the upper right of your page:

A. Didn't you see the "saved" flashing up, (on the extreme right on the line where you see Edit Post )don't push the buttons!

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Don't push these buttons at the bottom of your article's page!

Rather push some more times on the tab bar of your keyboard and meanwhile keep an eye on the upper right of your page, until you can see flash-up the word "saved" overthere...


B. Did you see the "Saved" flashing up in the upper right corner of the page?




You  can push one of these bottoms now to have a preview of your writing as if it already was published, because you can be sure and save that every last letter of your writing was saved to publish later.


If you are like Excelencia, You're going to repeat a lot the "not watching the "saved" flashing" fault, and that's exactly the reason why you have to re-read this article every time again and again and again...:-))


Stay alert for upcoming usefull tips.



Thumbnail Image by Zan on Unsplash

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The Newbie Academy
The Newbie Academy

Trying to transfer as a newbie my experiences and progress to other newbies in the Crypto-Kosmos, hoping to accelerate their progression by letting them prevent losing time through frustration and blockages I've experienced before.

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