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Absolute Beginners...START your PRESEARCH engines !

By excelencia | The Newbie Academy | 7 Sep 2021

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Absolute Beginners, START your PRESEARCH engines!!!


Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash 

1. Click here ,You will be seeing this window appear:


2. Clicking in "register or login" , at the top right corner of that window,  you will be seeing this window appear: 


3. In this window, you need to fill in an email of you and a password in the respective little rectangular windows mentioning respectively "email" and "password"

Then you have to click in the little square left of where is written "i am not a robot",and after that you'll have to do clicks in the right images appearing thereafter to proove you are a human and not a robot.

4. That's it for now fellows, if you get stuck next, give me a comment below this article , so I can try to help you out.

In the next episode, I'll try to figure out if there will be a difference, if you want to make an account in PRESEARCH  without me having a reward.

Extra information:

At the moment of writing these instructions ( tuesday september 6  2021 at 12:10  UTC) , I took a snapshot on livecoinwatch of the price in $ for one PRE:

                        1 PRE had a value of $0.164810


As you can see , it is worth to go for a registration in the Presearch Engine to get your first 25 PRE's and to start  using it for your searchings, gaining more PRE with each search.


Tuesday, november 3 2021 at 17:33 UTC , TheNewbieAcademy took another screenshot form livecoinwatch to see the dollar price for 1 PRE :

                        1 PRE now has  a value of $0.219260


See the sequences in TheNewbieAcademy since appeared:

1) Now that You are using the PRESEARCH ENGINE, how to look up your accruing PRE total ?

2) A deeper dive to see the earned amount of PRE per search.

TheNewbieAcademy has liked to inform you about this succes of the presearch engine, so , keep searching in an honest way to make your amount of PRE's accruing steadily, there You go, absolute beginners, You see You can surf on the succes of the PRESEARCH ENGINE!!!

Stay alert for upcoming future articles to learn you something as an absolute beginner.     


If you have followed the instructions above, you will now have an account in the PRESEARCH SEARCH ENGINE, which means you can use PRESEARCH to  search for something in the internet,(you can see in the photo above this article the rectangular space where you can write what you are looking for) and if you use this search engine ,you  will receive 25 PRE's to reward you for opening your account, and by doing a search, each time  0.10 PRE will be added to your account balance, and this to up to 30 searchings each day, given you have an honest searching behaviour to receive 100% of the search rewards.( there’s a Rewards Verification System (RVS)). TheNewbieAcademy as the writer of this article , could receive 25 PRE's from Presearch as a recompensation for bringing you to this search engine, after you have used Presearch for at least 30 days. PRE is a kind of cryptomoney, once accumulated 1000  eligible PRE's in your account PRE-basket, you can whitdraw them to cash them for $ or for whatever else asset in exchanges. You may also keep your amassed amount of PRE's because keeping them can give you  lots of advantages and possibilitys. TheNewbieAcademy plans to write a bunch more of this kind of instructive articles to inform you more on the way.

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Cheers and succes whith your searchings and earned PRE's!


Photo by Trac Vu on Unsplash 



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