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Remotasks – New Online Money Making Opportunity

Note: This article might contain affiliate links which might give me a little commission if you join through it. You can always use the non-referral sign-up by visiting the site directly. Happy reading! 

Got some extra time to spare? Then you can definitely skip Netflix and start working on Remotasks for some extra money.

This will be a complete guide on what Remotasks is all about and how you can make the most out of it. But before that let us clear out one confusion that you might have: Is it legit?

Is Remotasks Legit?

Remotasks founded in 2017 is a San Fransisco-based company that helps in the development of Artificial Intelligent systems.

It is more than five years old and has more than three million active visitors to its website every month. It claims to have paid more than $15 Million to the crowd-workers.

I have worked here in the last 2 years and have received multiple payments from them. You can check out the payment proof section later in this article.

Looking at all the above things, I can tell you that Yes Remotasks is a legit website to make money in the online world.

What is Remotasks all about?

Remotasks is a make-money-online platform that pays you to do simple tasks such as labeling images, transcribing audios, and many more.

They have a wide range of tasks some of which are short-term projects and some are long-term and hence you can expect work to be available throughout the year.

Remotasks Sign Up Process

Signing up at Remotasks is a piece of cake. You will need to visit their website and signup using your Google or Facebook account.

After that verify your email address. And that’s it, you are ready to make money with Remotasks.

Once your sign-up process is completed, go to your profile section and add the languages that you want to work on. You can select a maximum of 3 languages.

I will recommend adding English as the primary language as most of the tasks belong to it.

How to earn in Remotasks?

Remotasks works on Learn and Earn principle. Hence before you start working on paid tasks, you will have to complete training specific to that task.

You have to pass training just once and then you can access the task as long as it is available on the platform. Below is a snip of one of the training at Remotask.

Remotasks Training

There are three different categories of tasks that you can do to start making money with Remotasks. We will discuss them one by one.

1. Language-Based Tasks

In this category, you will deal with tasks from various languages. They are the easiest job on the platform and require no prior experience to do it.

There are four different types of Language-Based jobs at Remotasks. They are Basic categorization, Data Collection, OCR Transcription, Comparison.

Among all the four, Categorization pays the most. However, the tasks are not frequently available. They are mostly short-term projects.

2. 2D Tasks (Image/Video)

Here you are going to deal with images and videos in a 2D environment. The task is of medium difficulty and will require some learning before you can start doing it.

You will be provided with proper training modules before starting the paid tasks. I will recommend you to thoroughly go through training and understand all the concepts clearly.

The main task here will be to draw Bounding Boxes and label various objects in an image or a video. The pay is quite good. It can vary between  $0.01-$0.15/task depending on the difficulty.

3. 3D Tasks (LIDAR Tasks)

This is the main project and revenue source of Remotasks. The main objective of this task is to train self-driving cars. So you are going to contribute to the development of Self Driving cars.

Here you will have to work on a 3D environment usually through a technology called LIDAR(Light Detection And Ranging).

The main task will be to see footage of self-driving cars and draw bounding cuboids to identify various objects found in the scenario. It might sound interesting but the tasks are difficult to do.

There is one more thing to keep in mind before starting with 3D tasks. They require a minimum of 4GB Ram, GPU, and a high-speed internet connection.

You will require serious training before you move to the paid tasks. If you master this task, you can make a lot of money from it. The availability of these tasks is very high.

Bonus Point: You will get bonuses on tasks from time to time. So keep an eye out for it.

Remotasks Payment Process

Go to the Payment section as shown in the below image inside Account and link your Paypal or Airtm account. Once successfully connected, your profile is set to receive payments.

Remotasks Payment Process

Remotasks pay every week on Thursday. There are two payment modes through which Remotasks pay which are Paypal and AirTM. All the payments are automatic and hence will not require anything from your side.

The best thing about Remotasks is they do not have any minimum withdrawal. This means even if you earn $0.01 in a week, you will still be paid.

Remotasks Payment Proof

Remotasks Payment Proof

Hope you liked the article. For more money-making opportunities do follow me and give a thumbs up if you liked it. I will try to post every day and help you all with new legitimate money-making opportunities. Cheers! Have a great day.  

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