The Bondex Project, You Can Now Mine (free on mobile) and Buy Bondex. - Web 3.0 Talent Ecosystem With Tokenized Rewards, Mentioned In Forbes As One Of The Top Projects Of 2022!

The Bondex Project, You Can Now Mine (free on mobile) and Buy Bondex. - Web 3.0 Talent Ecosystem With Tokenized Rewards, Mentioned In Forbes As One Of The Top Projects Of 2022!

Bondex - Web 3.0 Ecosystem For Talents And Jobs


Bondex, this was an app I came across a few month ago in my search for new mining apps as I hunt free crypto and are a huge beliver in Pi Network. Bondex was for me back then just another mining app to make profits from, if it would even make it so far or not proven to be fake. I couldn't be more wrong Bondex is so much more, it will be an entire ecosystem for web 3.0 talent searching. Bondex will utilize its ecosystem to provide the right talent for the right work. This will provider more and greater professional and economical opportunities for the talents which can trade their services as Bondex will serve as a marketplace as well as a talent network. 

Bondex will be able to supply and provide talents in the ever-growing web 3.0 era, as more and more projects/grants/ecosystem and blockhains are developed and expanded. Greater economics, more opportunities with tokenized rewards, welcome to Bondex the provider of 3.0 talents.


The Bondex App and Mining

Bondex has its own app which is called "Bondex origin", the app provides its users who mine with BNDX tokens. The mining system is build-up in the same way as Pi Network there you need to "turn on" the mining every 24hr as the mining session only last that long. This also to avoid bots not reaping all rewards. The app implements KYC to but there is no requirement to do it, but it will help you get more rewards. Due to Bondex being a talent network you can also provide your resume in the app this will make you get even more rewards from your mining and perhaps more job requests in the future to. Start to mine the Bondex while you can as it seems to get big!. You can also now buy Bondex tokens in the pre-sale in the app.

You can find the Bondex app on Google Play: HERE

You can find the Bondex app on App Store: HERE

You can use invitation code: XBWE3 (Thank You!)


More About Bondex 

Bondex is a new talent network for web 3.0 utilizing tokenized rewards. The goal for Bondex is to create a decentralized global community where the talents (professionals) can connect and find jobs and the jobs to find the professionals. This provides both parties with greater opportunities in an economical aspect as well for the professionals to find jobs and for the job provider to find the right professionals for the job. According to Coin Telegraph have listings of crypto jobs risen a massive 615% since August 2020, so there is huge demand for web 3.0 developers of all kinds therefore is Bondex needed which can utilize talent for the market as the one and only talent network and marketplace. As crypto and blockchain are the fastest growing market on the planet is Bondex right on time. 

The professionals can create their own profiles in the app, the full version "the job portal" will provide even more features to utilize for the professionals/talents. There will also be tokenized incentives but how these incentives will work is yet unclear.

Other Features

- Bondex will develop a cross-chain crypto wallet.

- Proof of participation NFTs, demand side revenue -  this will be two features for talent/professionals as integrations in their profiles

- 3rd party payments

- Ads capability integration

- Bondex Credit cards (Black/white) - Pre-order available soon






Some more images of the app and the coming job portal on the web






Bondex Website: Click Here

Bondex Discord: Click Here

Bondex Telegram: Click Here

Bondex LinkedIn: Click Here

Bondex Twitter: Click Here

Bondex Facebook: Click Here



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