Sona Network, the leading NFT project build on BSC. Buy Sona now in IDO for a discount!, hurry IDO closes in 1,5 days!

Sona Network, the leading NFT project build on BSC. Buy Sona now in IDO for a discount!, hurry IDO closes in 1,5 days!

Sona Network, is a new crypto project with a focus on NFTs. The project is on Binance smart chain (BSC). Sona will re-emerge the value of NFTs back to creators. Making digital art as valueble as it should be.

Sona Creator Launchpad

Sona will have a launchpad for art funding, it' not only for art funding tough. DeFi products and NFTs projects are included too. Making the launchpad not locked to only launch one nish of products. We can call it a multi-purpose launchpad.


Sona will launch a swap service just like Pancakeswap or Bakeryswap on BSC. The swap is built as a automated marked maker (AMM). By that can anyone provide liqudity to earn pmatform fee's. SonaSwap is depended on users providing liqudity to pools.

Sona NFTs Marketplace

What would a NFT ecosystem be without a marketplace?. Here can artists and creators issue and sell their NFTs.

Sona NFTs Game

Sona will also launch a game as they say themselfs is similiar to cryptokities. Here can you earn tokens by playing. Just like a play to earn model, here will skills divide the weak from the strong.

Sona NFTs Box

This is mystery boxes containing NFTs. Any platform on Sona can issue this mystery boxes. An exiting feature for users, there you have a chance of getting NFTs in some special collections. Good feature for both investors and collecters.

Sona Token

The Sona token is the native token of Sona network and is handled as NFTs according to Sona. You can earn Sona tokens thru various ways on the platform. To be a part of Sona Network and take part of it's features will you need Sona tokenas, it powers all features and the whole platform.

The total supply of Sona is 40 billions. As a suprise will 60% of the Sona tokens be locked for a massive 10 years.

The IDO, in which you can buy Sona is closing in 1 day and 6 hours. The IDO has sold more than it's hard cap. Tokens for more that 16 million dollars has already been sold.

Hurry up to buy your tokens at a discount, the price to buy Sona now is $0.0018 per token. Sona will get listed in November at a price of $0.02 per Sona token.

The listening of the token will on Binance, Pancakeswap, OKEX, Latoken, Finexbox, Bilaxy, and Vindax. Roumors tells that Sona will get listed on Coinbase to.

You can buy your Sona tokens buy clicking HERE, you will come to the IDO page there you have to register and do KYC. The KYC is approved very quicly so that you have a good time to buy Sona. Dont's miss the lowest price on Sona tokens you'll ever going to get!.

Sorry for the bad editing of the text and article structure,writting on mobilephone and many features won't work.

Thank you for reading, and don't forgett to buy SONA!, you will blame yourself later if you diden't!



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