OMNI App, Gather All Big Social Media Platforms In One Place - Get Rewarded In OMNI Coins For Using It!

OMNI App - All-In-One Platform



I had be easy to have all big social media platforms like Facebook. TicTok, Instagram, WhatsUp and even the e-commerce Shopify in one place gathered, well that's exactly what OMNI is doing instead of having x5 apps can you just have one and even more platforms will be available when fully released. OMNI app is currently under development but will be released soon, you can during this time sign up for the waiting list, the airdrop and even reserve the username you want, to join waiting list, airdrop and reserve your username can you click here, to reserve your username must you connect Metamask. Thru using OMNI app will you also earn OMNI coins.

OMNI will be the all-in-one reward sharing app for social media there you can interact will all kinds of social media and even come close to some of the big media creators. OMNI is community driven and by that driven by ordinary people. The wallet that will be allocated inside the app is decentralized which you will store your OMNI coins in.


How OMNI Works, Consensus For The Substrate

OMNI app will have a lot of features for users to utilize not only have you direct access to your favorite social media apps but for NFTs to but now over to how the app actually works.  OMNI app is build on blockchain technology based on substrate (partly Polkadot technology) and will go under the network LibP2P with the hybrid PBFT/Aurand consensus algorithm and Edwards-Curve Es25519 will be the autenthication algorithm for the platform. Polkadot is using hybrid PBFT / Aurand consensus for it's network which has worked properly from what we have seen. To learn more about PBFT/Aurand consensus do I recommend this video by clicking here, the link is set in the right time of the video when that part starts. It's a interesting video for those who want to learn more about this specific consensus but the video contains more interesting content as well linked to blockchain and consensus. 

Edwards-Curve Es25519 is another interesting type of algorithm for authentication, it works by a digital signature scheme that's developed to work faster than other digital signatures which is great for an app like OMNI their it's users wants everything to go fast. Signatures that works fast can often sacrifice security along the way but Edwards-Curve Es25519 signature does this whiteout any sacrifice in security measurements. 

OMNI Features And Rewards

OMNI will be everything in one place when it comes to social media as told above and the functionality of every app included in OMNI will be there this to make users find every feature they want and realize that OMNI is the place to be at + you'll earn rewards for posting let's say a photo on Instagram from the app which you want from Instagram by itself. Except for reaching all your social media account's from OMNI  will you be able to make HD video calls to other members and just audio calling to which is encrypted end-to-end between the users, the integrated chat will also be end-to-end encrypted. Privacy is something OMNI takes seriously!. Businesses can even start their own store inside the app, the stores will be build according to a special template this so the customers can to everything in the store whiteout leaving the app even do the checkout. As told higher above will NFTs be a part of OMNI to and it's for artists that can make a NFTs from any media material such as images, videos, music, memes with more.

The rewards of OMNI coins will be distributed according to the image below.



What Can You Use OMNI Coins For? + Vesting Schedule 

OMNI Coins is the drive force for the OMNI app's ecosystem and whiteout OMNI coins would the platform not be what it will be. To be able to take full part of OMNI is OMNI coins a must and in many features do you need OMNI coins. Some examples there you can use OMNI coins is that you can send OMNI coins to friend thru the encrypted chat which makes it easy to borrow and repay friends, this feature works a bit like Swish but just internal inside OMNI's ecosystem. You can tip creators with OMNI coins for videos, images, texts etc.

To be able to buy NFTs do you need OMNI coins, you'll need it to bid on auctions to and for the transfer of NFTs. You can send electronic gits which you purchase with OMNI coins you can also from the brand store inside OMNI app buy headphones, shoes and much more this of course with OMNI coins. You can even unlock special features with OMNI coins this could be everything from songs, emojis etc. 

The coin has a vesting schedule in place this to control were all coins are allocated to bring balance in the beginning of OMNI until every OMNI coin is vested. The total supply of OMNI coin is fixed to 639 millions and no more coins will be created after that. The vesting schedule is in % there you can see every category for vesting and how long the vesting period is for that specific category, look at the image below to see the full vesting schedule. 




This was all from me, remember to make use of the OMNI airdrop and reserve your username for the app which you can do by clicking here. You'll also support my writing here by enter my referral link to airdrop.(Thank you)


Useful Links:

Website, click here.

Twitter, click here.

Medium Page, click here.

Telegram Chat, click here.

Reddit Page, click here.

Whitepaper, click here.

Lightpaper, click here.



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