Dopamine non-custodial wallet soon releasing thire own token DOPE - Collect RP which you can convert to DOPE once the airdrop is finished

Dopamine is a non-custodial wallet, which means that you will hold the private key yourself and noone but you hace access to your funds. Dopamine walle have alot of features in-wallet to make use of.

Dopamine wallet is a multi-wallet which support several chains with it's tokens, the supported chains is ETH, BSC, Huobi, Fantom, Fusion and BTC. The wallet miss a browser and wallet connect which means you can't access dApps to place your assets to work. But they do however support farming on each supported chain directly in-wallet.

The each chain you have several pairings to choose from with different returns. The parings with the highest return for each chain is:


Huobi: HT-HUSD 13,6% APY


Fantom: FTM-aETH 27% APY

Fusion: FSA-aLINK 249% APY (Highest)

So you have some possibillities to set your crypto to work. Later when the airdrop is finished you'll be able to stake your DOPE tokens too to get a return. You can also swap tokens in the wallet which utilizing AnySwap for the it's swapping service. This means cross-chain swapping is possible to thru the wallets supported chains.

Other features the wallet offers is a news section, giving you the latest news in crypto. But also a hero/zero section to see market moves of cryptos, aslo links for sites like Coinmarketcap, coingecko and other sites similiar to thease. The wallet do not offer any speciall feature in particuliar. It's a wallet.

Dopamine Airdrop 

Dopamine wallet do currently have a airdrop campaign for their own native token DOPE. In this airdrop do you need to collect as many RP (Reward Points) as possible  which you can convert to the DOPE token once the airdrop is over.

You collect RP by inviting new people to Dopamine wallet. You will get RP for both the one you invited but also for second and third tier referrals. Which means if the one you invited invite someone you get RP to and even if that person invite someone you get RP. This makes it easier to collect RP and it's not all on you as you will collect alot of RP passivley.

DOPE supply is 500 million tokens with a initial price of $0.06 per DOPE in private sale. For all partys (whitout airdrop tokens) getting DOPE there is a vesting period which vary also the initial % of DOPE they get directly whitout vesting.

So, you want some DOPE and be DOPE by doing DOPE? Then download the wallet and start collect some RP!
Click HERE to get to Dopamies website and download the wallet.


Sorry for the bad editing of the content the article is written on mobilephone.

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