Bremit, Pre-sale Of BRMT Tokens - Make 20% Profit With Ease Fast + Good Ways To a Passive Income!

Bremit, Decentralized Network For Cross-Border Transactions - Make a Passive Income



Bremit is a service for cross-border money transfer using blockchain technique. Bremit will offer a safe way to transfer money cross-border with much lower fee's against centralized companies like Wester Union. The fee's can be as much as 90% lower making the users of  he service save a lot of money. The transaction is instant, only takes a couple of minutes against ordinary money transfer that can take days. Bremit utilizing blockchain technique so the user save money on fee's, getting a faster transaction and a more safe way of sending money. The people making this possible and running a node  in the network will also earn a piece of every transaction fee f the transactions going thru their node. 


Make a Passive Income With Bremit

So, in the end of August now will Bremit's token BRMT get listed on various exchanges an the network will soon be up and running to 100%, more on this further down the article. Bremit's network will be built with many nodes on many continents, making Bremit a decentralized service. Here can a ordinary person like me and you earn money if we chose to run a node in the network which everyone can, if we just have a computer with the right equipment. The nodes in the network will validate transactions and will have every transaction stored to, for safety. Everything will be saved on the ledger with simple terms. The nodes will earn a certain % of every transaction going thru the node, thus making a passive income. 

You can already now apply to be a node in the network. As a node an you also refer subnodes and earn 20% of what the subnode earn. 


Bremit (BRMT) Token Pre-sale

There has already been two pre-sales of BRMT tokens and the third and final pre-sale is live now until 25th of August. One BRMT token costs 0.04 USD. In the end of August will BRMT get listed on various exchanges with a starting price of 0.05 USD per token, so if you buy you do a 20% profit with ease probably more!. You can also stake BRMT for more reward in BRMT with an APY of 120%, you can even stake USDT for a massive 40% APY.  

This is an easy way to earn a good amount safely, either you sell your BRMT tokens directly and earn a minimum of 20% more on-top of your initial investment, you could also wait to see if BRMT goes to a higher price and stake your BRMT during this time and sell later for maybe even a greater profit, that's your choice. 

You can join BRMT pre-sale thru clicking HERE.


Useful Links:

Bremit Website: Click Here.

Bremit Telegram: Click here.

Bremit Medium page: Click here.

Bremit Twitter: Click Here.


Thank you for reading and all support!






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