Veritaseum to explode higher, Patent Granted

By Keith Thuerk | New to Crypto's? | 11 Dec 2021

Veritaseum to explode higher, Patent Granted

US Patent Office (USPO) has granted Reggie Middleton his DeFi patent US20170187535A1 which was years after Japan approved the same patent.

Veritaseum was issued a patent in Japan way back in 2013. Reggie filed for US Patent on Veri back in 2015. 

Who is Reggie Middleton?

  • He is the creator of the Veri token back in 2014 to tie the entire world to Veritaseum. He is a financial designer who has a track record of calling market busts etc.  Additionally, whose life was destroyed by Fud and discrimination by the US Gov.
  • Reggie and Veritaseum signed an MOU with the Jamaican Stock Exchange in order to build a jointly owned digital asset exchange. Rumors abound that he was working with the German Stock Exchange too. 
  • Here is his YouTube page, which he established in 2007 -
  • Most of the online records have been removed like his past work experiences (Bloomberg etc)...Should make you go hmm?!?

What is Veritaseum?

  • Veritaseum builds blockchain-based, peer-to-peer capital markets as software on a global scale. Which covers all Capital (Equities, Human Capital, Intellectual Capital, Commodities). Veri is a new form of security which eliminates counterparty risk, credit risk, theft all via the unbreakable promise with anyone anywhere in the world!
  • I recommend everyone watch this Video at least once -
  • The Veritaseum community can be found on Telegram
  • In 2017, Veritaseum reported the crowd sale (ICO) of an Ethereum ERC-20 Token for access to the administrations of Veritaseum.
  • The price peaked at $400. 
  • Then on August 13th 2019, the SEC sued Veritaseum and Reggie Middleton for alleged securities fraud in connection with an ICO undertaken in 2017 and 2018. 
  • US DoJ (Dept. of Justice) confiscated 98 Million out of the 100M Veri tokens. Why not all 100M? because they were in the hands and wallets of other parties.
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SEC went after Reggie Middleton

US DoJ (Dept. of Justice) confiscated 98 Million out of the 100M Veri tokens) the other 2M tokens were still owned by individuals and perhaps one exchange which is Mercatox. I have never used them so tread with care.

I think Reggie has been working behind the scenes helping US authorities weed out corruption (HFT, in house corruption) and his technology will be the ultimate winner. Wonder if US Government and SEC will apologize to Reggie? I firmly believe they owe him a huge PUBLIC apology and monetary compensation for their strong arm tactics against him.

What has happened since USPO approval?

  • Veri price doubled upon SEC announcement on Dec. 7th to $42,
  • Since then it surged to $137
  • Now it has settled back to $105
  • Scarcity still exists (< 2M Veri available to buy) until the pipeline is refilled, as very few exchanges have any let alone selling it
  • They can not hold down free markets forever, it will break free like a ball held under water!


What happens next for Veri?

  • No word yet on how the 98M Veri tokens will be released and dispersed.
  • I believe that Veri will be used to bring about a new system, the old system will be replaced and Veri will be at the heart of the new. (brings lots of change including shutting down SEC & CTFC, DFTC, etc...) 
  • DYOR and you will see how many crypto's today will owe Reggie a lot of $ for patent infringement. 


Summary -  Kudos Reggie for standing firm and I am pulling for you and Veri.  Who is taking bets that Veri could be worth more than BTC in a few years? Will other Governments grant Reggie Patent for Veri? Do you have a lottery ticket...aka one Veri token?

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Keith Thuerk

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