US Congress Crypto Actions - the awakening has begun

By Keith Thuerk | New to Crypto's? | 4 May 2022

US Congress Crypto Actions - the awakening has begun


Anyone with 1/3 a functional brain can see that CBDC's are an instant threat to any threads of your remaining privacy!

US Representative Tom Emmer - for his support of #Bitcoin and his steadfast opposition of CBDCs. Eventually all members of Congress will recognize that #Bitcoin is a bipartisan issue with support across the entire political spectrum. Yes, YES, YES.


US Senator Ted Cruz proposed a Bill recently to limit the ability of the US Government to use CBDC for Civilian Surveillance.  CBDC Surveillance is crucial for Chinese CBDC and you are assume all the global tyrants have similar use cases in store for their CBDC offerings.  Having the forethought to limit this ahead of time puts extra pressure of the CBDCs under development.

If you don't think the US CBDC development is underway read my article here about what MIT has been doing for the US Fed -


US Congressman Bill Hagerty introduced a two-page bill entitled, "Stablecoin Transparency Act" into the Congress of The United States.


WY Senator Cynthia Loomis is working on a new bill that would "the legal framework so that cryptocurrencies and traditional assets fall under similar regulatory categories."


Perhaps this is a good sign for the US Mid-term elections coming up this fall (Nov. '22). Representatives that actually understand economics and the importance of Crypto's in the new global economy!


Summary - the Congressional awakening is finally happening will it be quick enough to snuff out the bad actors in Congress? If not, don’t step out of line. Money will soon fall into this category when CBDCs are issued. Otherwise will be allowed to use it for the purposes they deem suitable.

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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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New to Crypto's?
New to Crypto's?

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