Incent uptake on

By Keith Thuerk | New to Crypto's? | 26 Apr 2022

Incent uptake on

Update June 2 '22 - Incent declared end of job  two weeks ago. Sorry I thought this was taking off and its dead.


What is Incent token?

Taken from the Incent website they describe themselves as a blockchain loyalty company whose mission is to frictionlessly incentivize valued behavior so that businesses and consumers can build wealth through their expenditure and attention choices. To put that in other terms, Incent is a Loyalty Token,  where they are positioning themselves to win the War on Attention.   INCNT is their token  

Where is Incent tracked?

Not on Coinmarketcap -

You can find it on currently about $0.02

Historical Prices Peaked at $0.8 in Nov '21 (think '21 Bull Top price)

Exchanges to find INCNT

  • Bittrex 
  • BitZ
  • Cryptopia 
  • Liqui
  • Tidex 
  • Waves Exchange 

Theta.TV streamers that have started using INCENT - of those that I follow and have noticed have started support INCNT on their streams

  • @Akirk
  • @Fartachus
  • @franzee
  • @trixieexclusive
  • @yoryo
  • @zach
  • I keep looking for more .tv streamers supporting INCNT 

Streamer Intervals - I have seen them offer INCNT every 15-minutes all the way out to 30-minute intervals. Not sure how much control INCNT grants the streamers. Beware trying to switch between streamers to capture more INCNT, the platform is already keen to that and has a warning you must wait the appropriate time to capture again.

Use Cases - INCNT is not widely adopted at this point, so I am fine with slowly collecting INCNT rom to gather enough to trade on swap sites. I can also gift them to the streamers for their great content. Another way to earn crypto on the platform. 

Read more about in from the Incent from their papers

Summary - I have noticed INCNT makes me engage more on platform. Not sure how well that will impact my job productivity. Might have to temper my new shiny object obsession. Let me know your thoughts. 

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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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New to Crypto's?

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