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Grayscale adds 18x daily mined amount of BTC

By Keith Thuerk | New to Crypto's? | 19 Jan 2021

Grayscale adds 18x daily mined amount of BTC

Well, Grayscale continues to kick butt and take names, they recently added 18x (yes 'x') the daily amount of mined BTC in one day. That day was just yesterday 1/18/21. 

So what does that really mean? Grayscale purchased a $607 million of 16,244 BTC in one helping.  For certain a new record for most BTC purchased at once.

In case you missed it... Last week Grayscale raised $700MM dollars, yeah a huge haul for 1 week. And they wasted no time putting nearly all of it to work.

Just last year (2020) Grayscale was purchasing roughly $251MM in BTC weekly. Quite a large jump in asset accumulation week over week.



Grayscale was big prior to this purchase now they are massive! The new acquisition brings them to a of total assets under management (AUM) to almost $23 billion. 

JP Morgan stated that Grayscale is in the driver seat in regard to holding and retaking the $40K BTC price level


Sure Grayscale is a Crypto Whale, at this point they almost have enough BTC to ensure the price goes in the direction they want; UP!

Summary - At this point its prudent to stay alert and pay attention to what is taking place.


Enjoy the Journey!

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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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New to Crypto's?
New to Crypto's?

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