Family Friendly Virtual Metaverse - Lego & EPIC Games

By Keith Thuerk | New to Crypto's? | 7 Apr 2022

Family Friendly Virtual Metaverse - Lego & EPIC Games

In my last post - I spoke about each Enterprise building out their own Metaverse without the lack of standards.  Read-on to learn how things might be changing rapidly

Lego & EPIC Games entered into a long-term partnership to bring us Family Friendly experiences, a welcome relief in the world where innocence has been corrupted starting as young as 3-years old w/ political driven agendas (I.E. sexualization and violence) 

Who is Epic Games? they have brought you the wildly successful Fortnite game.


Who is Lego? You must be kidding right? The famous inter-locking Lego bricks are responsible for more kids playtime that their imaginary friend. They are not just limited to their brick...Lego has several branded video games which are popular. I expect their new game featuring the Skywalker Saga to be a very large hits with kids of all ages.


Partnership focus:

  • Protect kids' privacy - we all know kids are the target of cookie tracking, and malware as they would be less knowledgeable about online scams. Always start with security and privacy then the rest falls into place
  • Children's safety - I read this as not exposing them to context that is not age appropriate
  • well-being a priority - perhaps this translates to limited screen time per day or week? 
  • All while providing adults and kids the tools they need to control their digital experience. - Sounds like Parental controls and such.

What else can we anticipate?  I assume we can see collectible NFTs from this partnership at some point too. Creating lifelong memories for you and your kids to relive.  I can also anticipate them bringing form frameworks for other Enterprises to leverage for a common Metaverse experience. I could be wrong but getting that sense.

Launch Date?  None have been released at this point. I do however, expect this offering to be released in phases just like Fortnite, always with new experiences!


Summary - I can envision lots of safe virtual experiences for all that enter including families and kids of all ages. I envision both firms aiding firming Metaverse standards for all to benefit. See you out there having FUN! 

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