Are markets Frothy? You tell me?

By Keith Thuerk | New to Crypto's? | 6 May 2021

Are markets Frothy? You tell me?

Updated 05/09/2021 - Hours after Musk performed on SNL DOGE is down 39%.  I guess blind squirrels do find nuts once in a while.

Let's do a quick recap for our 2021 Bull Run here are most of the 'top 25' (I took the liberty of remove the stable coins Tether, USDC)


  • BTC is up 100.9% YTD
  • ETH is up 1,843.68% YTD
  • BNB is up 1,735% YTD
  • DOGE is up 13,421% YTD
  • XRP is up 632% YTD
  • ADA is up 776% YTD
  • DOT is up 438% YTD
  • LTC is up 207% YTD
  • LINK is up 1313% YTD
  • XLM is up 873.27% YTD
  • SOL is up 8,784.29% YTD
  • THETA is up 7,932.77% YTD
  • LUNA is up 9,672.34 % YTD


Some of those have posted HUGE gains, while the blue chips garner most of the media attention and love, the little guys have posted GIANT gains. If you ask me, I think DOGE and a few others are really frothy and we might see a blow off prior to Musk taking the stage for SNL or shortly after the show airs Saturday.  What do I know?  The SEC has already mentioned they would be undertaking a review of Musk and his influence (i.e pumping) of DOGE. Probably nothing?!? This time its different; right? I guess everyone is a rocket surgeon now or as Mark Cuban states everyone thinks they can pick winners in a Bull Market!

For me, it all feels a little rickety, but I have not lived through a Crypto Bull run so I don't know what others feel like nor how to properly gauge the sentiment to know when to flip the switch and move to sell.   I have positions in a few of the above crypto's but not those that have the most gains, lessons, and patterns to learn from.  Always striving to learn and earn!

I would like to extend my gratitude to for their great site allowing me to check-in on the status of the aforementioned cryptos!


Summary - huge gains have already occurred, plan your trades and trade your plan and NEVER, lose money!

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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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New to Crypto's?
New to Crypto's?

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