All aboard the Crypto FOMO Express

By Keith Thuerk | New to Crypto's? | 18 Apr 2021

All aboard the Crypto FOMO Express!


What is the FOMO express - its the Fear Of Missing Out train, the express train. Or put another way Continued Institutionalizing of Crypto.


Updated 4/20/21 - Two more institutions just announced Crypto news:

  • Venmo Users Can Now Buy, Sell, and Hold Four Cryptocurrencies
    WeWork Now Accepting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies


The story is written from the US perspective. Last week the week of April 5th we had 'Time Magazine' one of the worlds most recognized media publications come out and start to add BTC to its corporate treasury.  So they will hold BTC as an asset against $ depreciation.


This week the week of April 12th the Dallas Mavericks announced they will accept DOGE coin for Mav's merchandise, so this means they will leverage what they currently hold as a DOGE stash as a medium of exchange. Will Tesla offer this soon too?  Yeah yeah lets not forget the Direct IPO listing of Coinbase (COIN) recall direct listings tend to be more volatile as its relies on pure capitalism; three cheers for this from me. 

Another pivot to be aware of is the Institutions shifting from buying BTC to ETH. Yes, its happening and as the US Corp 13F's become public (Jan-Mar. timeframe) we will start to see this trend emerge.  Why not they can scope up a vast more ETH than BTC and with so many projects being built upon ETH it makes sense to hold both.

Additionally, Dan Lobe funds now HODLs crypto in three of their five funds...

Don't overlook the CME allowing ETH Futures started trading (Feb. 8th '21)  allowing more and more exposure to Crypto's albeit as a one off play and potentially to aid in normal market manipulation.  Last week the Canadian Gov. approved three (3) ETH ETF's, so now Canada has five (5) Crypto ETF's and the USA has Zero (0).


Summary - The FOMO express ticket taker continues to on-board more and more enterprises are they late to the party? No way we all are still way early to the party. Did we capture asymmetric growth they will not capture, for certain.   Will your enterprise add BTC & ETH to its treasury and leverage this new asset class to combat $ destruction?


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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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New to Crypto's?
New to Crypto's?

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