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What Is Happening With Pi Network In 2023

Pi is becoming the most popular and talked about crypto online in 2023. Miners in the Pi Network are treated to conflicting news in pi price with the ushering in of The New Year.  Pi is still in the enclosed mainnet and it is traded inside the Blockchain but exchanges have gone haywire and listed pi on their exchanges.  The  Pi Core Team announcement has come out to shield pioneers against scrupulous businessmen who are out to cash out from the naive pioneers.  Pi core team has not given any exchange permission to list the pi coin and has asked the exchanges to pull the coin down.  However pi is still on the exchanges and what they sell is only futures or iou and not real pi.


Huobi which is a Chinese exchange and one of the largest in the world is selling pi at between $108 to $165 highest.


Coin Market Cap has listed Pi against USDT at $108-$180 ranking it at position #2592 exchange has listed Pi $4-$27 highest.


However Pi Network DeFi's price today is US$0.0000402. Pi DeFi price confirms the core team's assertion that it has not listed Pi in any exchange. has hit $35,000 for a single pi. Attlantis Is trading pi  against busd.







Pi Network projects their coin to reach $314,159 which is about 15 bitcoin.  This is a dream big enough to wake up the dead. 


What one wonders is if this coin is going places and thus the rush to list it.  Pi  core team is taking their time.  They are working round the clock but in no hurry. 



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Great Posts And Articles By Great Authors

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