Shoes and clouds

Did no one give you anything?
How curious. Nothing I have is mine.
Did no one give you the trains? Did you invent them?
I don't have a single bird or a single chair.
What I have done with my hands.
Even my ears came as a gift
And this funny nose and these lips were
Growing with me like the earth
Grass grows. Nobody gave you anything.
How curious, when I came into the world,
There were shoes and clouds and
Violins and the closets and also the clothes that
I keep it there. I don't know how to do a single one of them
Millions of screws sold in hardware stores
Nor, what a shame, do I know how to make bread or
Cream bombs. Nobody gave you anything.
How curious. Not a single one of the buttons
My shirt is the result of my work.
I receive everything from the passing of the centuries in
What workers and teachers and thinkers and
Axemen and miners and mathematicians of a
Millions and millions gave their precarious time
So that I would receive bridges and buses and
Books and briefcases and phones and candy.
Nobody gave you anything. How curious. I
I owe every God a star. Look! Neither
The language in which I write belongs to me.
They gave me this grammar as a gift.
You say that no one gave you anything. How curious.
I owe every human a fish, I owe
Keys to the locksmith. Not even my shadow is
My work. I should not have forged the color of the thorn.
I owe the circular cricket of the estuaries.

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A veces leo.

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