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Most known writers had their own ritual for composing their writing pieces. 

Commonly, we derive inspiration mainly from research and examination of the lives of creative people, honorable experts , geniuses, artists and scientists , who have served humanity and left plenty of resources to teach and inspire .

However, when the well of inspiration dries, or thoughts blurred and ideas lack, we then search for other sources to polish our intellect and refresh our speculation. In fact, through reading the multiple articles on the publish0x platform, I often cast some hints, which by time create a brainstorm, enabling me to write about a trending subject or  new information resonating continuously. Thanks to the topic's variety and the different ways of showcasing the subjects, I am learning more and fueling my brain. Each human experience is susceptible to enlightening us even if it was a tiny bit of information, for by time, it could have a great impact on us in a way or another. 

I admit that it's not always easy to find the subject to write about, I mean a special topic which arises the other's attention and creates some kind of debate or interest on the platform. Accordingly, I frequently have recourse to publish0x articles. There are many brilliant writers here , who publish  assiduously great articles. I won't mention names because, in my opinion, everyone on the platform deserves to be read. It's a brilliant thing to publish daily something that I am  incapable for yet, for two reasons. First, I am not totally free to write whenever I want, for I have another job to do. Secondly, though I got the passion of writing, I am used to writing only about what inspires me, what caught my attention and what I feel about any subject or fact. For me, the motive behind writing is more emotional than material. Therefore, I usually take my time and wait for the idea to leaven then I begin to imagine the article's headlines. I know I still need to strengthen my writing skills, my thoughts and enrich my views, because as long as we aspire for something, we need to learn and to invest time in it to achieve the goal aimed .


Furthermore, in the midst of life, our minds become distracted and empty, and no matter how you try to bring yourself back to writing, you cannot force your mind to do something that it does not want. Writing is mostly derived from the feeling about anything. Once we are influenced by a fact, in a way or another, the pen flows easily to record the fuss that our minds vociferate, what the heart feels and what the subject represents for us or for others .


Actually, our writing creativity may cool down sometimes , but it does not end. It is like embers under the ashes, still burning, but it needs us to remove the cinder in order to hone the wheel of thinking and expressing to continue our passionate journey.


The creative  writing always requires inspiration, and inspiration, in turn, requires us to take a more profound look at everything that is going on around us and everything new that is circulating before our eyes at all levels and all over different cultures . Inspiration may occur at an uttered word in the middle of a family or friend meeting, at the sight of a scene or content on social media, while reading,  meditating or else . It's like a lightening, except that the lighted flashes sparkle in the sky for a moment, but in our minds, whenever it ignites, the illumination expands and the brainchild pours in flows through pens. 



Thanks for taking time to read. 


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I am a graduate from university, love reading, writing and translation. I love books and everything related to knowledge.

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