Let's pretend
May destiny
He never brought us together,
that we never saw each other
That that never happened,
that our eyes
They passed in front,
That day
From that first time
And simply...
let's deny it

Let's pretend
that we ever felt
Butterflies in the belly
And shocks in the heart

Let's pretend
that you never loved me
And that I never adored you,
Let's deny everything
And let's pretend before the world
That we had an affair,
that we never kiss
that we never fall in love
And that we never did praxis
Of that crazy love

And let's pretend
that you never fell asleep
lying next to me
Until the sun came up,
That they never introduced us
Those friendships in common,
and let's pretend
That on a couple of occasions
I saw you cry

And finally
Let's pretend
That the time has come
To say goodbye
We will forget our names,
And then I'll pretend that I hate you
And that never in life
I will even pretend
To see you again

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