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My insomnias

I put in your hands love, my world,
my ideas of poems and a lot
of selected dreams, chosen
among my best dreams
I put in your hands love, my life
like a shield, a trench,
or a wall to protect your life.
My insomnias are yours, I remember
that I also put them at your disposal
and you told me; leave them for me, because
mine are yours too
and we chose the city, the street and the
shade of the tree, so that our
insomnia will be found.
We talk about silence, loneliness
of thought in those moments
of trances and we reached agreements
mutual thinking of silences,
to narrow hearts in one
corner and stay together in the face of fear
and the distance.
I put love in your hands, in one day
memorable, a book, a rose and a poem
written on your skin, in an afternoon almost
entering the shadows, when a flock
of birds flew over the red clouds
and their wings caught fire, but in the poem
It was written that the clouds went up
towards a virgin and wild forest.
I put in your hands love, the places,
the streets, the colors of the parks,
the nakedness of the squares, where we seek
refuge between the laughter of the rain.
I put in your hands love, my heart
throbbing, my lips running over your skin,
the vibrant desire to love you and you took them
between your hands and you told me that they belonged to you
...because everything you have put in my hands
I also put them in yours.

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A veces leo.

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