My aura

The forest, the moss and the footprints
of my bare feet and my shadow
shelter of ocher and amber leaves
expanding my aura rippling delight.

The sand, the waters and the foam
neat nature scenery
carry and bring, collect, accumulate
life's essence.

It expands from the center of my chest
the overwhelming feeling of having it all
with open arms and clean hands
love surrounds me, mist of time
between the sky and the clouds the wise nourisher.

I grow on freesia blossoming branches
sinking my roots into the depths
of my beloved land, of my peaks and hills.

Crying is drizzle washing my face
thank you for these tests
that I go through, having chosen them
to love you, and love me
to lose myself and find myself
to navigate stories
to swim against the current
in a river growing on my slopes.

I want and love the vertigo that causes me
the wind hitting my face
fluttering in my clothes
the vertigo of life flowing
surprising me
in a riotous outburst
thirsty, loud and quantum.
because I am alive and I feel
the singing of my verses.

And the silences speak to me
the storm inside me
tenderness, sweetness
in this mortal that illuminates
A poem!!... just that.

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A veces leo.

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