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I Have a Relative Who Believes The Earth Is Flat and I Find It Hard to Love Him

For most of my life, I've heard about people who believe the earth is flat, but I'd never met one. Until now. The problem is, that individual is a family member. A not-very-distant one. What should I do, and what does that have to do with being a Christian?

For me, it's a struggle.

flat earth love

The very essence of being a Christian is loving one's neighbor. Christ told us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. There was no caveat. The Apostle Paul said loving one's neighbor is the fulfillment of the law. What law? God's law. If you love your neighbor, you are fulfilling God's perfect law. But that's easier said than done.

The problem with flat earthers is they don't just believe something that isn't true. They actually evangelize others to believe it too. And the movement is growing.

In my family member's case, he takes certain Bible verses that seem to indicate the earth is flat if read literally and uses those to bolster his belief in the flat earth. Yikes!

Paul exhorted his protege Timothy to refrain from quarreling. I've done my best to do that since becoming a Christian 30 years ago, and I've been pretty good about it for the most part. But I find myself easily irked when I encounter ridiculous ideas, particularly ideas that turn common knowledge on its ear. And it seems the more ridiculous the idea, and the closer in relation to me of the person pertaining to that idea, or the more I respect the individual holding the idea, the more difficult it is for me contain myself. I wince, both inside and outside. Figuratively and literally.

An acquaintance of mine once said to me, "If you love someone and you see them going down the wrong path or subscribing to incorrect views, your love should motivate you to confront them about their beliefs and attempt to persuade them of their error."

It sounds like wisdom, but personal experience has taught me that such attempts are rarely successful. A lot of people have some really wacky ideas!

I know this is my weakness. It has nothing to do with others who espouse questionable ideas. Still, I'm at a loss as to what to do about it. Maybe it's nothing. Maybe love doesn't always motivate an individual to correct incorrect thinking.

Or maybe it does and I should just man up. But if this is true, I'll need lots of backup prayer to ensure I don't lose my mind.

What's your take?

Allen Taylor is the author of I Am Not the King.


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