Hunger grows inevitable

a huge garden
the same war
detonates with silence.

The faces that look like Nicaragua
(to the small omen of Nicaragua),
the ribs of the fights,
intestinal revolutions.

The barn grows, they deforest
and hunger grows inevitable.

The patio of some surnames is a huge garden.

They remove the earth of consciousness,
sow secrets
and hide corpses in the privacy of their garden.

The exotic gardens are new laboratories.
They revolutionize the stomachs.
The plagues are feats, product of the laboratory.
Who sings these deeds.

The back of the house is also a private garden
(allows certain unholy detours),
there is a cause: people of necessity.

The need goes beyond Latin America
with a Nicaraguan
a vat in the blood,
a Chile that drags and settles the garden.
The fertilizer in the infamous secrets.
We have a stunning garden.

A hunger for a story with a certain halo of unreality,
that hope comes to anyone
that fortune belongs to one.

So immersed in the garden,
so part of garden,
garden of the world
Beauty is impossible to tear from the eyes.
everything is in an affordable distance,
within reach is distance.

Distance is closeness
the sarcasm of a grimace.
The doll is the garden,
the Latin American garden.

It is an immense garden outside the patio of my house.

It is common that they remove the earth from the heart
and throw seeds full of secrets.

Haiti and Venezuela in their clutches,
sovereignty, illusion
they are shaped like deadly claws
like the questions.

They fall like question marks
on the submissive prey.
worse, delighted,
because he admires the rapacious and breaking flight.

The whims happen to the landscape,
they fall like watercolor bombs
desert tones
and what hurts us the most
is that we contemplate
as if it were a movie.
Of the bad ones, of action.

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A veces leo.

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